Saturday, June 02, 2012

President Obama's Kill List

I know this is a thorny subject, but I have to say something.

I remember when it used to be considered a bad thing to have unilateral, unchecked power in the hands of a single man. But now we have a president who has a kill list, a drone bombing program, and has apparently placed himself as the only arbiter of who lives and who dies. Apparently, even if they're American citizens, as Anwar al-Awlaki was--and I know people still want to get pissed off when I say it, but the man was an American citizen and even a treasonous American citizen is entitled to due process before execution because this is a nation that supposedly abides by a rule of law.

It makes me want to never stop vomiting when I see people in the media portraying this as something good, as though President Obama's judgment is infallible. Because he's smart and and wise and won a Nobel Peace Prize and isn't a Republican, this is somehow okay; that the president has a list of foreign murders he can remotely commit at the touch of a button, and anyone who gets in the way is just collateral damage or something.

This isn't reason in the face of danger. This is murder and violence and hypocrisy. This is the United States as always acting as though it has the ultimate power to decide the fates of others.

I'm sickened that this override of due process and the Constitution could be framed as somehow heroic. The entire point of our democratic system is supposed to be that no one man can concentrate this much power. No one person is supposed to be able to take the law into his own hands and dole out punishment according to his own judgment.

If this is what we applaud now, I want nothing more to do with it.


Chris said...

Remember the promise to close Gitmo?...

It's terrible.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I like to think he is choosing the lesser of many evils and taking American's out of harms way. It also detatches the soldier from his target in a spooky high tech way that will never have enough safety procedures to make me happy. I know one day one of these things is going to hit a daycare center in the middle of the US.

SamuraiFrog said...

These drones were flying around out here during the whole NATO summit last weekend. I like to think they were just flying in a wide range, anyway, because we're 64 miles away from Chicago--if this is the new normal, I'm not thrilled with it. I feel like a criminal every time I see them in the sky.

Roger Owen Green said...

It's criminal. The bar has been set so low that only whiny people like you and me complain.