Friday, June 08, 2012

Oh, Duh: Idris Elba Is Already in the Avengers Universe

Becca went and dashed my hopes this morning by reminding me that Idris Elba is already in the Avengers universe. In my excited imaginings of Elba as the Black Panther, I had overlooked that he's Heimdall in Thor (and, as he's already spoken about, Thor 2). So Marvel probably won't want to cast the same actor in two roles. (And I already thought about how Chris Evans was Captain America and the Human Torch, but it's not the same movie universe.)

Well... alright, then. It was fun while it lasted. I do like Djimon Hounsou. I haven't heard a lot of other names that I like for it, but then again, we're not even sure the movie's actually happening. Still, it's a fantastic idea to make this part of the Avengers series. Fantastic.

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Tosy and Cosh said...

Given how unrecognizable he is as Hemdall, with the headpiece and eyes, I'd think they could hey away with it.