Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I Think This Card Series Went On a Little Too Long

The original Star Wars trading card series went through five sets (with blue, red, yellow, green and orange borders) and 330 cards. And while I'm all for movie marketing and used to love trading cards, I think this series really went on long past the point of quality control.

I was looking at scans of the series the other day and noticed that by the time the green series came in, the makers were getting a little desperate to keep stretching this thing out. For example, look at these two cards:

Okay, this sort of makes sense, although I find it jarring that the two cards are in reverse order. They've taken the two furthest sides of the same frame, but they've put the right side as card number 248 and the left side as card 249.

Now here's card 250:

So, that's three cards in a row, and one image, just in different proportions. So... I don't know, it just feels like someone is getting really tired of making these things and just doesn't care about his work anymore. Someone's phoning it in.

Here are the next two cards:

I'm just kind of amazed there's not another card with the Luke and Leia half of the still image.

Then, a few cards later, we get a close-up and, immediately after, a mid-shot of the exact same frame of film:

There's Luke, fighting impossible odds and challenging the evil Empire all at once! (Depending on your proximity to Luke, I guess.)

These are all within 10 cards of each other.

I mean, I know it doesn't matter or anything, but it just makes me laugh. All I hear is Lisa Simpson asking "Do you remember when you lost your passion for this work?" I'm sure making these gets tedious, but wow. Just 70 cards left to go, man.


Nathan said...

What? No "Luke poses for trading card photo"?

Ed South said...

...and even a non-internet having late 70's/early 80's kid leafing through his collection is going to pick up on that. "Hey, wait a minute! Mom, look at this..."

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I love the way you got so focussed on the most interesting detail in this card set - how they got 100 cards out of what looks like 10 pictures to choose from.

Semaj said...

It looks like the Lea Luke and Han card set is from either an outtake or a deleted scene.