Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How About We Take a Break from Unrequited Love on Doctor Who?

I know I'm doing that annoying thing of being a fanboy and judging something before I see it on the air, but I really hope the Doctor's new companion Jenna is more of an Ace or a Susan or a Sarah Jane and less of a Rose/Martha/Amy who is going to moon around with unrequited love for the Doctor. I'm beyond sick of it, and I'm sick of the producers being so precious about those characters that it actively ruins the show. So many episodes in the sixth season were about how great and special Amy Pond is supposed to be (something which has never been evident in the writing or acting, but whatever), right down to BBC America inserting an opening which gave the impression that the whole thing was supposed to be a show about Amy Pond that featured appearances by the Doctor (which is what Steven Moffat was often doing, anyway). At this point, I'm so sick of the "x character is in love with the Doctor" characterizations that I'd rather see the show go off the air for another 15 years than see any more of it.

Seriously, after that last season, I'm about half past give a shit on Amy Pond. Let's take a break from the unrequited romances and bring on another Donna: a woman who is defined by more than an infatuation with a mysterious, broken man-child.


Bob Rutledge said...

A-fuckin'-men. I was having a very similar conversation last night with a friend on Facebook, about how neither of us will be at all sad to see the last of Amelia Pond.

I have little hope for the new one, though, because it's still Moffat at the helm.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am about done with the love and would like to see some anger directed at this yo-yo when he acts in his oh so cute but doofy ways. I would loved to see the new companion somehow trapped with the Doctor against her will.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

You are preaching to the choir my friend.