Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Couple of Early Nerdy Birthday Presents

My birthday's not actually until July, but since we never know when and if any money's going to be there, Becca often gets me presents early. It's nice, because it's fun in the earlier part of the summer and I don't have the depressing reminder that I'm going to be 36 which is almost 40... not only 40, but 40 and not having done anything with my life, so, fun for all. Eh, at least I'm enjoying it day to day. Been losing weight which is especially nice. But anyway, on to this:

This is the shirt Becca ordered for me, and I love it. I got mine in charcoal, which for some reason is my favorite shirt color (my beloved Oscar the Grouch shirt was charcoal, but it's so full of holes I can't wear it anymore). The Hulk is my favorite Marvel character, and certainly the one I relate to the most--especially again since I went off my Lexapro and have the anger troubles again (which, when I can control them--which I'm getting better at--are still better than Lexapro's "Static Affect"). So the #hulkmood tag is a nice play on some of my moodiness. Seems like a perfect shirt for me to have.

We also got a copy of Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes for the Wii with our leftover Amazon credit. You know how much I love these Lego video games. We're not too terribly far into it yet, but the gist is that Lex Luthor (Main Man Clancy motherfucking Brown!) frees the Joker from Arkham Asylum (and a bunch of other Batman villains to cover their escape) and they begin synthesizing Kryptonite to power a Deconstructor Ray that Lex can use to take things apart. So far only one other DC hero has shown up as a playable character, but that character is Superman which just thrills me to no end. Lego! Superman! This is the first time I've played Superman in a video game since that shitty N64 game based on the animated series back in the 90s (which surely has to be the Nintendo 64 equivalent of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600). Lego! Superman!

There's also been a cut scene cameo by Martian Manhunter, but so far no one else. I like the slow build to having more characters, and it's not like Batman isn't incredibly fun to play. I've just completed a section where Lex and Joker attack and destroy the Batcave, and it was pretty thrilling. Gotham City looks amazing.

I've reached a stage in life where I don't really ask for things for my birthday anymore. I still want things, of course, because I'm a materialistic bastard, but I don't ask for them because my money situation is what it is and it feels unfair to ask when you can't always give. So to have these things turn up in the same week, even just under a month before my birthday, is a hell of a lot of fun.

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