Friday, May 04, 2012

TV Report as We Head to the Finales

:: Why did I ever think 2 Broke Girls had potential? It's like the show just refuses to grow at all. Doesn't help that this week's script felt like it was an unused one from the beginning of the season with some scenes for Jennifer Coolidge tipped in. I'll watch it as long as Kat Dennings keeps showing up, but that's true of a lot of things. If it got canceled tomorrow, I wouldn't miss it.

:: I would, however, miss Revenge, which had a particularly great episode this week that really raised the stakes. I am so caught up in this show the way I was in Lost and Veronica Mars. Also, now that I'm watching it, I can finally stop thinking immediately of that 20 year-old Kevin Costner movie whenever anyone talks about how much they love Madeline Stowe in Revenge. I spent a few months thinking "Why are people suddenly bringing up that shitty movie?"

:: Also, I've gotten really caught up in Missing. I always liked those fluffy action flicks that Ashley Judd made--none of them stuck with you, but I liked her in them--and this is like one of those for TV. It's basically a mix between Taken and the more recent Bond movies, with Ashley Judd doing what she used to and running around and being smart and getting in fight scenes, all while wearing mom clothes, which is amusing and fun. I don't know, I dig it as the TV equivalent of a B techno thriller. Great supporting cast, too, particularly Cliff Curtis.

:: Dear How I Met Your Mother: you know I still love you, and I even don't mind if Ted never meets the mother until the final episode, because the point of the show if really how everyone grew up. And I admire you for sticking with that, even as people complain that watching the process of becoming emotionally mature isn't funny or whatever their deal is. But can we please not do yet another round of "Ted can't get over Robin"? Because you told us in the very first episode that these two never end up with each other, so there's no real emotional stake here. Unless you're going to pull a surprise ending and have Future Ted really be telling his kids the whole time that he's leaving their mother for Aunt Robin--because this time it's going to work out, I guess--you really need to stop going to this well.

:: Speaking of growing up, I think it's really nice how they've been letting Howard grow up on The Big Bang Theory. Last week's bachelor party episode was pretty wretched (seriously, Stuart and Kripke just are not ever funny, and even poor Wil Wheaton had basically nothing to do but sit there), but that speech Howard said at the end really gave the character some growth; he's my least favorite character on the show, but that was a damn nice moment. This week's episode was pretty exciting just because we got so much momentum on the three major relationships on the show (poor Raj... I really hope he does turn out to be gay, just because I think that would be an uncharacteristic direction for a series like this to go in). The dynamics are finally starting to change.

Someone on the AV Club pointed out that Penny and Leonard sleeping together so close to the finale could mean, on any number of TV series, a pregnancy scare cliffhanger. That would be a great thing to do; having a baby around would really shake up the dynamics. Too many sitcoms stay static, I'd like to see this one, which just has such likable characters, really up its game.

Also, I think the women on the show (Amy, Penny, Bernadette) started being more interesting than the men about a season ago. So I love the directions they were going in this week. Time to start seeing these guys grow up. As much as someone like Sheldon Cooper is capable of growing, anyway. A story is so much more interesting than repeating the same gags.

:: God, how I wish Fred Armisen was leaving Saturday Night Live instead of Andy Samberg.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I found that I needed to save me up aboud six weeks worth of episodes to enjoy 'Big Bang' again. I was getting worn out despite the finest funniest female cast on TV.

I wondered what you thought of the '30 Rock' live show or 'Parks and Rec' - two that I never miss.

SamuraiFrog said...

I love Parks and Rec, but I stopped watching 30 Rock at some point... I can't remember if I checked out this season or the previous. Probably this season.