Thursday, May 03, 2012

Star Trek 2 Spoilers

A couple of thoughts about the spoilers for JJ Abrams's Star Trek 2, so don't get pissed at me if you read this, because I'm warning you now.


Because spoiler whines are the worst.


Anyway, they keep saying now that it's confirmed by sites like that Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact playing Khan in the sequel. Which I've figured would turn out to be true, and if it is, that's kind of disappointing. One of the things that I really dug about Abrams's reboot is that once he got past things like putting Leonard Nimoy in the flick to reassure the fans scared of change that this is a separate, split-off, alternate universe and all the other stuff that you enjoyed still happened and wasn't pulled from your memories, he had the boldness to just plunge ahead and go make his own movie. I respected that.

So why do Khan again? The last movie ended in a way that had me looking forward to an original Trek adventure; we'd set the stage, and now it was time for the play. And... apparently it's a new version of something we've already seen.

Seriously? Why bother?

This is what I feared when IDW premiered its series of comic books based on the new Trek universe. The first thing they did was retell the story of "Where No Man Has Gone Before," and then they did "The Galileo Seven," and then I stopped reading it because I wasn't really interested in seeing Star Trek's Greatest Hits--only with new likenesses and a hard, cynical edge. What is the point? Are they going to stand on their own legs, or what?

Also in the mix is that supposedly Leonard Nimoy will return as Spock in the new flick, which is, again... I mean, I love Nimoy. Spock is my favorite Star Trek character bar none across every incarnation. But, again, when are you going to stop using the bumpers and just bowl already?

The news that Klingons will be important to the plot is pretty cool, since I just like Klingons. And hey, maybe Abrams and company will find a way to do something really cool and fun with the plot. I hope so. I really don't want to sit there comparing the whole thing to Wrath of Khan, which I still think of as something the franchise has never topped.

Benefit of the doubt, of course. But trepidation.


Jason said...

Meh. I suspected all along that all the alternate-timeline stuff was just bullshit to mollify middle-aged fans like myself. The truth is, Abrams-Trek is, was, and ever shall be nothing more than a damn remake.

MC said...

Someone wrote an article also questioning the fact that for Khan they cast a lily white actor for a character which was supposed to remove the taint of white supremacy from eugenics and genetic engineering.

spiderkev said...

I couln't agree with you more.Enough with the Khan.I would have liked to see the new cast go up against the Borg.And before some fanboy corrects me and says the Borg don't appear til The Next Generation , remember this an alternate timeline.Nero ,afterall ,went thru tima and space througha a wormhole,why couldn't the Borg?

Will said...

I really wanted to enjoy the Trek reboot, when the first commercial came out earlier that year on the Super Bowl damn I was psyched. Actually watching the movie I was to busy being insulted & appalled by the script. The only good things from that movie were the actors and whatever the writers stole from other good Trek writers like DC Fontana

GarrettCRW said...

If this next Star Trek movie is a pointless rehash, one thing will be certain: Orci and Kurtzman will no longer be able to play the, "It's Michael Bay's fault!" card in regards to why the Transformers movies have been stupid and downright hateful films.