Friday, May 04, 2012

Seems Accurate to Me

On the way home from the cinema, discussing the trailers we saw.

BECCA: I don't really think I need to see Frankenweenie.

ME: Oh, yeah?

BECCA: No. Besides, the trailer was the whole thing, and it's not like Tim Burton's going to improve on the short film he made. What were you thinking?

ME: During the trailer I was thinking about how the only emotions Tim Burton ever conveyed in any movie were only there because of Danny Elfman. I mean, the music was beautiful. Danny Elfman's great. If it wasn't for letting Danny Elfman do whatever he wanted with his score, no one would care about Tim Burton's movies. If Tim Burton ever gets some kind of AFI award or the Lifetime Achievement Oscar, I hope he splits it in half and gives one half to Danny Elfman and the other to Rick Heinrichs, because they're the ones doing all the work.

BECCA: Good point.

ME: Tim Burton just does what he did with The Nightmare Before Christmas and takes all the credit.

BECCA: He says "Put more black eye shadow on it!"

ME: (breaks into laughter)

BECCA: The Tim Burton School of Directing: one sentence.


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