Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hulu Decided to Pull a Netflix

This doesn't affect me too badly, because I don't really use Hulu (I don't care much for it), but apparently Hulu is now going to force you to be a cable subscriber in order to access its service... which kind of seems to defeat the entire purpose of using Hulu.

So, is this where I get to be a total asshole and tell Hulu users to stop whining and just pay the money? Because when we dared complain about the Netflix price hike, that's all I heard from anyone.

(Note: it's not whiny in either case. I feel there's probably some asshole reading this that I have to clarify that for.)


Jez In Dallas said...

My very brief research shows that this appears to be mostly an unconfirmed rumor or at worst have to deal with the way Fox allows content to be played. I'm at work so I can't delve too deep into it but it doesn't appear to be moving 100% paid cable subscribers only.

SamuraiFrog said...

Well, at least it's nice to be the one reading a defensive, passionate, entitled editorial instead of writing one. For a change, anyway.

Reactionary internet. There needs to be a name for this phenomena...

Drake said...

Isn't most of their product NBC-Universal on Hulu? So it seems something ComCast would do since they own NBC now.
But who cares i didn't use Hulu when it was free. :)