Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Kind of Thing That Makes People Assume All Geeks Are Sexist Assholes

Fucking fanboys. We get it, alright: you love everything except when you deeply hate it.

I'm late to the party on this one, but I've been limiting myself from reading anything more about The Avengers until now. My excitement is already whipped up, and spending all of April just stirring that wasn't something I wanted to do because enthusiasm will only last for so long. So I finally read Amy Nicholson's review of The Avengers on Box Office Magazine, and... what's the problem, guys? She liked the movie. It's a positive and fair review. Is it just that it fell short of being 100% adored with it? Is it that she's a woman? Because judging by a lot of the comments, a great deal of it has to do with her being a woman.

Really, it's both. It's exactly like fans issuing death threats back when some critics dared not like the overrated, bloated, nonsensical, surprisingly forgettable The Dark Knight back in 2008. Nothing like watching a bunch of idiots get all worked up, falling all over themselves in a mad rush to defend a film THEY'D NOT YET EVEN SEEN as a work of unmitigated genius. People who not only had lost any semblance of objectivity, but who took it as a personal insult that someone might not be completely enamored of what is, after all, just a movie.

But because the critic in question is a woman this time--who is really only being a little bit critical of a movie she calls solid and exciting and fun and, once again, who is criticizing a movie THE FANBOYS HAVE NOT YET EVEN SEEN--then we get this incredible amount of sexism pouring forth, because the internet has no shortage of immature total asshole boys who take "This film should be more ambitious" as a personal slight to be answered with "Just stick to rom-coms, bitch."

Way to not be a stereotype, guy who's probably still whining about how Boba Fett died.

This is the kind of shit--and you can see it everywhere in fandom, and on the internet--that serves as a constant reminder why I can't be an active part of fandom anymore. Because apparently you have to be a complete moron.


Chris Honeycutt said...

Woot. Let me say nothing pisses me off quite like "You think that/ feel that/ believe that because you are a [fill in the blank]." "Because you're a woman" is probably the worst.

(Bonus geek points to people who can ID the old waitress joke that XKCD is probably playing off of.)

Tallulah Morehead said...

Over at the Huffington Post article linked here, I've been trying to communicate to idiot Dark Shadows fans to stop condemning a movie they have not seen. They saw the TV ads and the trailors and now all have their panties in a bunch because it's not more of the cheapo crap TV series of cardboard sets, slow pacing, and actors forgetting lines that scared them on afternoon TV when they were children 40 years ago!

This means these are not "Fanboys" or "Fangirls"; they're adults in their 50s at least, going berzerk because a movie THEY HAVEN'T SEEN YET looks in the ads to not be a crap 1960s TV soap about vampires, but perhaps a stylish comedy about vampires playing off its absurd premise, but which may turn out to be darker or scarier than the ads suggest.

They are so intent on feeling 8 years old again that the very idea that it might mot be exactly the movie they would make if only they had enough talent to have had a career, is insane. No matter how many times I say "Wait and see the movie first, then bitch about it," nothing fazes their heads.

Anonymous said...

It's almost enough to make me want to write a ballade: "where are the fans of yesteryear" and all that schtick.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

This is why we can never just enjoy anything cool. Some people should not have an open soapbox.

Tallulah Morehead said...

According to the First Amendment all people, even idiots, should have an "open soapbox". (Makes it easier to get out some soap and wash), but some people should not be listened to.

Paradox Al said...

I read Ms. Nicholson's review through the link you posted, and I thought it was pretty good. Yes, I LOVED The Avengers, and sure, I don't agree with her on the "not ambitious" thing (this superhero mash-up has never been done before, right?), but I thought she had good reasons for not liking the movie.

I know I'm going to hate Eberts review though. Ugh, ever since his awful review of Thor (I dunno, he seemed to make terrible points), I'm not looking forward to his superhero review, cos apparently The Dark Knight is the PERFECT superhero movie in his opinion. I dunno, compared to Ebert, Nicholson seems to actually KNOW what she's talking about. At least when it comes to these type of movies. She sounds like a fellow geek, and it sucks that these fanboys can't appreciate that.

SamuraiFrog said...

I am running out to see it tomorrow afternoon, so I do have high hopes, but I've loved nearly all of the movies leading up to this (Iron Man 2 is better a second time). I saw a lot of critics who weirdly just didn't "get" Thor.

As long as the whole enterprise doesn't end up like the X-Men movies (which have too many main characters for the short space they're allowed on screen).

Paradox Al said...

Hey, I hope you enjoy The Avengers, and have a great time at the movies! =)