Friday, April 20, 2012

The Client List

After the events of yesterday, what Becca and I really needed was to get lost in something silly and blow off some steam. We ended up watching the first two episodes of what I keep calling Handjob: The Series, based on the Lifetime movie that aired a year or two ago, which I also watched for basically the same reason: it looked like silly, funny, fluffy trash that we could make fun of and enjoy and because I still find Jennifer Love Hewitt completely adorable and sexy. The TV show follows the same story, but focuses more on Hewitt's character, who finds herself taking a "massage with extras" position after her husband runs out on her. It's actually not a bad show, it's just... well, it's what it looks like and not much more than that. But it took me out of my grief last night and honestly I was kind of disappointed I only had the two episodes to watch.

I'll honestly keep watching this until it's canceled. It's magnificently silly, and J. Love is sympathetic instead of showing off. In the first episode, she uses the handjob hooker magic of listening and eye contact to fix the marriage of one of her clients. In the second episode, a client helps her understand that you can be alone and still be satisfied with your life. It's obvious that they're going to try to push her and her sexy brother-in-law into each other's arms--nothing on this show is remotely subtle--but I think this whole idea of her stroke-off clients being an avenue for her to learn and teach is hilariously fun. I can't wait for the show to jump the shark and have J. Love get involved in political intrigue because of a client. It's a ridiculous show, but very cute.

As long as it keeps being funny, silly, and keeps up the constant flow of cheesecake, I'll keep watching it. There's always room for trashy TV in my life.

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