Saturday, February 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

:: Disney is in talks to make a movie about the 14 years it took Walt Disney to convince PL Travers to let him make a Mary Poppins movie, possibly starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. That's the kind of thing I'd much rather see a documentary about, especially since all I can picture right now is a sugary-smarmy combination of Julie & Julia and Extremely Dumb & Incredibly Dull.

:: It's not the idea of a moon colony that I find laughable, but the idea that Newt Gingrich could or even would make that happen.

:: Nancy Grace says Whitney Houston was murdered. I don't know if I should think it's pathetic how desperate Nancy is for attention, or if I should think it represents growth that Nancy noticed the death of someone who isn't a little white girl.

:: Drunk driver? Just pull him over and get six cops to beat the shit out of him. Turns out he's actually a diabetic in insulin shock? Just trying to protect and serve. Does anyone do their job well anymore?

:: I would love it if Adele just shut up for a little while.

:: The Editing Room's Abridged Scripts are nearly always hilarious. This week, they did David Lynch's Dune. A sample:

                           SIAN PHILLIPS
               Well, you seem to be good breeding stock,
               so I guess we’ll try to save you from
               the emperor’s sneak attack by teaching
               you the Jedi Mind Trick.

                            FRANCESCA ANNIS
               Hey, Dune was using that trick a decade
               before Star Wars came out!

                             SIAN PHILLIPS
               We also had a magical teenager stuck on a
               desert planet, whose his family gets
               killed so he joins a band of rebel
               warriors, and ultimately he discovers
               he’s the secret descendent of the
               emperor’s right-hand man. But, hey,
               who’s gonna notice?

:: GOP dream-date Chris Christie just vetoed an equality bill in New Jersey. He wants to be the George Wallace of the afraid-of-gay-people foofaraw (I refuse to dignify homophobic bullying by calling it a movement). I really need for every Republican politician in this country to stop pretending that they're running for anything or serving in any office to serve the needs of anyone who isn't looking back at them from the mirror.

:: In response to a proposition for a Latino-American Day, Arizona Republican Cecil Ash proposed a holiday honoring white people for "if and when the Caucasian population becomes a minority, they may want to celebrate the accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population the same way." So... we're not going to worry about jobs or the economy anymore? That's just totally off the table for the Right now?

:: Chris Sims' review of Kevin Smith's reality show Comic Book Men is about what I expected from the show. I know there are good comic book stores and store owners out there, but those people were always put out of business in my area by a local chain, and everyone who works at the chain (except for two guys, ever) are total assholes. Those circus pinheads are the reason I started dealing exclusively with online comics retailers, because mail order services were much nicer to deal with. I haven't seen this show and I don't plan to, because it sounds like a series completely based on the guy who runs the local chain, and he is one of the biggest douches who ever douched. And by the way, I've been to cons and bought merchandise from the guy on the show, Bryan whatever, the Dumbledore-lookin' guy who played Steve-Dave back when Kevin Smith made good movies, and he's an asshole. Deal with that guy for two minutes, and you'll know what I mean.

:: How long is Hilary Duff going to be pregnant? It feels like she's been pregnant for 14 years. Kid's getting mail delivered in there.

:: Can't say I really want to see CBS do Sherlock with Jonny Lee Miller... Does anyone? I've always been curious to see how a show like this (modern Sherlock Holmes) would do on American television in the CSI era. But, you know, from afar.

:: The House Oversight and Government Reform hearing on contraceptives included oversight of women. Because who is more qualified to talk about what women truly need health-wise than a bunch of old men and religious leaders. Although I assume the religious leaders are worried that too much contraception will stem the ever-renewing tide of molestable little boys.

Seriously, Republicans and Catholic leaders, just shut the fuck up and admit that this is all 100% about controlling what women do with their own bodies. Stop pretending it's anything else. It's about trying to wrangle women back into the kitchen and the maternity ward.

And it's led by the Catholic Church, a criminal organization who for decades molested children on an institutional level and were dedicated to covering up their rape crimes. To hear these assholes talk now as if they had the moral high ground on anything makes me want to never stop vomiting.

Also, does the GOP just not give a damn about women voting for them anymore, or what?

Still, playing the "religious freedom" card does give you a perfect example of how little these people understand what those words actually mean...

:: After tracking data has emerged that John Carter doesn't have enough brand recognition and no interest from women or some such crap, I'm seeing way too many articles just announcing that John Carter will or even has already failed at the box office. Just... shut up. I'm too sick today for anything else but that.

:: Whitney Houston dies. Sony raises the price of her hits collection by 5 bucks. Tell me again why we're supposed to save the music industry.

:: So, after calling out the corruption of corporate money in politics, President Obama has embraced a SuperPAC. I find it disheartening. I saw a lot of comments about it online from people younger than me who say some variation of the following: "Big money is necessary. All of Wall Street is supporting Romney. Obama would be crippling himself not to do it. That's what the game is, and you have to play to win." And then it always ends with this exact same line: "That's just how corrupt our system is right now." Except, of course, it's never just right now, it's how politics always are. It's how they always will be. No one's ever going to stop it, and if someone is, it won't be Obama. It was never going to be.

But it'll be no one. This system of ours is just too easy to give up on.

I am really at the age now where I've been hearing the same lies and justifications for enough decades that I just don't care anymore.

Oh, and the big bankster pardon? (And let's not quibble over words, because it's basically a pardon.) Not only will foreclosures take off again now that the banks have been let off the hook for the biggest fraud in history, and not only have their robo-signed forgeries been immunized, but they'll also be funded out by pension funds, municipalities, even private investment portfolios. So now they'll take your house and your retirement. America, everybody.

:: The new normal: according to a new poll, 53% of respondents identifying themselves as liberals support keeping Gitmo open, 77% support drone use, and 55% approve of drone use targeting US citizens. This police state thing is just getting easier and easier.

:: Don't raise my taxes but don't stop sending me my free government money. Jesus Christ, doesn't anyone have any grasp on reality anymore?

:: Dave Mustaine: eat shit. (See how Freedom of Speech goes both ways?)

:: Rick Santorum, via Twitter: "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for America." Hey, everyone, let's take a quick IQ test. Are you thinking of voting for Rick Santorum? If you answered yes, congratulations, you are too stupid to live. I'll bet you people actually forget that you're supposed to be breathing sometimes. This is a man who is running for president because he genuinely despises the idea that people out there might be making their own decisions and not consulting the Golden Plates about what a woman should do with her uterus. If you're voting to put on Ayatollah in the White House, you are officially an Irredeemable Fuckwit.

Doesn't the fact that all these fucks can talk about is homophobia and sexism and racism give you some kind of clue as to where these dolts stand on jobs and the economy?

:: Seriously, though: bite my ass, Dave Mustaine.


Kelly Sedinger said...

I guess I can now strike "What's your opinion of Dave Mustaine?" from my list of potential queries, should you ever solicit random questions!

Roger Owen Green said...

Actually, my favorite Santorum quote THIS WEEK involved birth control and women keeping "Bayer aspirin" between their knees. Which sounded somehow like "bare ass" when he said it.

Tallulah Morehead said...

Even a documentary about Disney getting Travers to allow Mary Poppins sounds dull. They wrote letters back and forth, hers rather cranky. Riveting viewing.

Well, Nancy Grace didn't say Whitney was murdered. She just heavily implied it, because how else can she exploit Houston's death for fun and profit? You read my thoughts on this idiocy elsewhere. Nancy is a douchebag.

The incurable problem with police, and why we'll always have incidents like this beating of a diabetic in shock is because of whom being a cop attracts. People who feel powerless and want to be tinpot tyrants, cowards who like hurting people but who haven't got the guts just to be criminals, these are who becomes cops. (There ARE good, non-psychotic cops, but as far as my 60 years of experience shows, they're a minority.) It's a good career choice for a violent psychotic. The most violent thug I went to high school with became a cop. Fortunately for most, he washed out of the police after murdering a man. Oh he wasn't charged or tried, but he was fired. He eventually got another police job - in UTAH! (What does this tell you about Utah? Yes, he was of Mormon descent, though he smoked like a chimney from age 15 until Death.) The good news is he's dead now.

Was there anything in the Dune script about how they left out of the Dune movie such items as pacing and excitement?

Christie's action vetoing Gay Marriage had nothing to do with he personally opposing it, and everything to do with his not wanting to alienate the Republican base in a future presidential bid. It was a self-serving act of pure moral cowardice. He shafted people on their inalienable rights out of personal cowardice. Just what you want in a national leader, a self-serving, cowardly follower.

We poor white people are so neglected. We only have 11 White History Months, and 364 White People Pride Days. (365 this year)

Well, I would think that John Carter would not have much "brand recognition." They need to stop calling it "Disney's John Carter," which tells people nothing, and start calling it "Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars." Then people who have never heard of him before at least have some idea of what the hell it is: "Ah, more Tarzan-ish pulpy sci-fi adventure (right down to shirtless hunk hero) on a wild version of Mars. Now I know whether I want to see it or not."

"Whitney Houston dies. Sony raises the price of her hits collection by 5 bucks."

What else did you expect? Death is often a good career move, Just ask Janis Joplin. It rolls off of me as I own no Whitney Houston recordings, and a year from now will still own none. She never ever did anything for me. Janis Joplin however, was a goddess of music.

Regarding that depressing poll, you've forgotten that ALL polls are meaningless. I worked for a couple years for the Los Angeles Times Poll, and I know about polling. You can rig poll questions to provoke whatever response you want. All polls are INTENTIONALLY rigged to produce whatever results the clients who commissioned the poll desire. Ignore all polling results.

I have no idea who Dave Mustaine is. (So much for those who think I'm a Know-It-All) I'll Google him after I post this, so I know why I'm hating him.

The Santorum quote is magnificent, a perfect storm of ignorance from The Frothy One. Problem is, it may not be authentic. I reposted it, and I got this message not half an hour ago from David Lee (Co-creator of Frasier and Wings), who is also very much a gay rights crusader, and loathes Santorum, and so would be the last person ever to support or defend The Frothy One: "I think this was a joke on Bill Maher. Don't think Santorum actually said it."

So what is your source on this quote?

Tallulah Morehead said...

Okay, now I know who Dave Mustaine is, and why I'd never heard of him.

Well, what do you expect? Does "Megadeath" sound like a name a mentally-healthy person would want to have be theirs? The amount of Heavy Metal music I have voluntarily listened to in my life is Zero. I have literally never heard a Megadeath number.

For a while, back about 26 or 27 years ago, I had a roommate, now dead, who was the live sound mixer for W.A.S.P and also the recording producer for their pre-signing-with-Columbia recordings. He engineered and mixed their first infamous hit I Fuck Like a Beast.

Consequently, I got subjected to a lot of WASP's Heavy Metal "music" at that time, and a more ear-torturing morass of obnoxious noise has never, before or since, assaulted my ears like the noise they made. I was invited to concert after concert of theirs, free, and wisely avoided them all, and all other Heavy Metal bands forever.

I even did some work for Blackie Lawless then, and was even a guest in his home once or twice. It always left me wanting an immediate shower. In fact, I typed up their very first concert-rider contract. Lots of idiotic conditions in that document, though I've seen worse.

And the fact is that Heavy Metal is highly conservative politically. Blackie I know endorsed McCain, and made idiot statements like: "I will vote for McCain, not because I believe in all he stands for, but as a mandate against Obama, to keep him from becoming President. Yes, I will cling to my guns and my religion." (He thought his single vote was a "mandate.")

It's the Teabaggers' positions in a nutshell. The irony is, of course, that most normal teabaggers would put Heavy Metal music high on their list of things they want banned today, for Freedom's sake, because banning stuff is so free.

So honestly, what did you expect from Dave Mustaine? That Santorum would equate being endorsed by Mustaine equivilent to being endorsed by Satan, and that it's an endorsment that will cost The Frothy One votes from his base, only makes it sweeter.

Tallulah Morehead said...


On a personal note, Blackie Lawless has, in very recent years, become born again, and specifically repudiated his song "I Fuck Like a Beast," which he has sworn he will never sing again. He has not said he will return, uncashed, all royalty checks for it.

To think I used to live in an apartment with the Gold Record of WASP's first album, with that song on it, on my living room wall, as several of the numbers they recorded with Dave, my ex-roommate, went onto the album, so Dave got paid for that, credited for producing some of the tracks, and when it went gold, got that Gold Album. He was very proud of that album. when he died, I gave it to his mother. I'm certain she'd never actually heard the album.

What shocked Dave was that when the band signed with Columbia, each getting a million dollar signing bonus, so they became millionaires the moment they signed, there was no contract for him.

He thought he was their George Martin, the fifth WASP. He said that to me many times, always mentioning George Martin, whom he idolized. He actually expected Blackie and the others to go to bat for him, and insist he be hired as their producer. They never even raised the idea, and Columbia had their own people to handle producing their cuts. David was out. Surprise. He went to the signing ceremony genuinely believing he would come home a millionaire, and instead, came home unemployed and broke.

That was when he began the binge drinking that led to his death from cirrhosis about four years later. He was so utterly devastated that he drank himself to death. Thank you, Blackie Lawless and Heavy Metal. You're such a healthy thing. I don't know about megadeath, but Heavy Metal caused one death right in my own home. (We remained roommates until his death.)

The first time I was subjected to I Fuck Like a Beast my immediate reaction to it, as I said then to Dave, was: "If you actually fuck like a beast, you don't have to scream about it at the top of your lungs. This is the LOUDEST case of overcompensation I've hever had the misfortune to hear."

SamuraiFrog said...

My source on the Santorum tweet was Bill Maher, but apparently even Maher got fooled by a fake tweet. I did find a very real Santorum tweet that made me laugh even louder, though: "Obama is wrong. Government cannot force you to pay for something that violates faith or beliefs. Govt has no right to do this."

I look forward to getting reimbursed for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars under a Santorum presidency. Not that Santorum wants to be President of the US so much as its Pope.

The Dave Mustaine thing is generational. Megadeth used to be a fairly liberal band, very anti-military industrial complex, very anti-religious bullying, and when you're a white kid who isn't popular growing up in the suburbs in the 80s, it's an outlet. For some of us, Mustaine endorsing Santorum would've been like Bob Dylan endorsing the Vietnam War.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I read that real Santorum Tweet you mention when Mark Evanier tweeted (and also posted it on his blog) that tweet and then asked when he was getting his Iraq War refund.

Lots of people of my generation loved Heavy Metal music. We had to or there wouldn't be any, since it was my generation that created, played, and in Dave's case, mixed, Heavy Metal music. I just was never someone who liked it. I never really got any heavier in rock than QUEEN.

Santorum wants to be America's Pope? You're probably right. As far as I can figure he's welcome to the post of America's Pope, since no such job exsts. I wonder what his actual interpretation of The First Amendment is, since the Seperation of Church and State is not something he apears to take seriously.