Monday, February 06, 2012

Noir Drag

Tonight's episode of Castle was a real slog to get through. Setting half the episode in the 1940s with the same actors playing different characters... jeez, between Nathan Fillion's shitty Brooklynese-by-way-of-backwoods-Florida accent and the pure tedium of watching the umpteenth cartoonish TV take on noir, this episode almost had me questioning why I even started watching this show in the first place. I know they're bending over backwards to try and keep the mystery about Beckett's mother's murder going and to keep Castle and Beckett apart, but this was just too much of a stretch. I really don't want to be that guy who doesn't like one episode and then starts writing off a show...and I'm not, really, but wow, what a steaming pile this was. An overreach. First episode I just flat-out hated and wanted desperately to end. This was the equivalent of one of Star Trek: The Next Generation's killer holodeck episodes. Or one of those episodes of Matlock where Ben eats some bad chili and then dreams he's a lawyer in the Old West.

Do not do this again. Please, I pray you, do not do this again.


Phillip A. Ellis said...

...Or one of those Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes where Worf eats some bad chili and then dreams he's a lawyer in the Old West.... :)

Brian Sutton said...

Come on, boyo, I thought this was funny actually and Nathan Fillion was fine. I thought his accent was pantomime whereas Stana Katic was lost here. She was trying hard not to re-create her character from "The Library: Judas Challis."

All in all, any show without the new captain is a good one.