Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 18th, Dakota

It's almost hard to believe that I've been watching Dakota Fanning in movies since 2001... then again, I'm constantly surprised that 2001 wasn't just, like, a few days ago. Time is just a blur. I hope Dakota keeps acting and never stops, and I hope she only hones her talent in the coming years. She never fell into that teen movie trap, so I hope she doesn't fall into the romantic comedy trap, either. Weird to say you've been a fan of an actor since the were 7 and you were 20, but that's certainly the case here.


MC said...

I am sure in a few years, there are going to be people saying the same kind of thing about Chloe Moretz too.

I am sort of creeped out seeing her (CM) in interviews because she seems like an adult in terms of her mannerisms and speech pattern. I don't know why, but in interviews she sort of reminds me of Meg Ryan in interview.

SamuraiFrog said...

Chloe Moretz really does have an adult bearing, but so do a lot of kids her age, girls especially. I see it a lot when I assist in high schools. My youngest sister, Audrie, will be 17 this year, and she's been like that for years; so much so that it made it hard to relate to her for a while. That change is weirdly sudden. There were girls I taught in sixth grade classes at one school who were like little kids, and they'd literally come in one day and not be acting like kids anymore, and would bristle if you tried to talk to them like they were.

Sometimes I'm glad I don't have kids...