Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Nominations

Wow, how much of a joke are the Oscar nominations this year? Apparently the theme for the Best Picture nominees was "Nice Movies That Won't Get Your Grandmother's Heart Racing Too Much." I'm not even going to go into them except to say that I'm happy The Muppets got a Best Song nomination out of this shit year. I haven't seen everything I'd like from 2011--and I've thus far only seen two of the movies nominated for Best Picture--but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there were a lot better movies this year than Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and War Horse.

I'm not even going to watch the Oscars this year. Why bother? I don't actually care about any of the races. I loved The Descendants, but where's the excitement in seeing if it wins to The Help? No thanks, Oscar. Don't care.

And just Best Sound Editing for Drive, the best movie I saw all year? Yeah, stick it in your ear, AMPAS.


Roger Owen Green said...

I managed to see 6 films.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close I found exhausting. I wouldn't mind seeing Midnight in Paris, The Artist or The Descendents win.

SamuraiFrog said...

I thought Midnight in Paris was an entertaining little movie, but I am mystified by all of the love it's getting.

Caffeinated Joe said...

I feel like it is just a snob-fest now. Bleh.

Johnny Yen said...

I gave up on the Oscars years ago; they're the industry's big "self-stroke-fest." Guys like Bingham Ray, who died recently, did so much more to bring about good movies:


Drake said...

Oscars are always looking for "snob cred" these days.ren