Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dick Tufeld 1926-2012

I was sorry to read today that Dick Tufled died at the age of 85. I used to hear his voice all the time as a kid on reruns of Lost in Space, The Fantastic Four, and Disney's Zorro. I was also very happy to hear Tufeld when he reprised Robot's voice--this time with a creation of Jim Henson's Creature Shop--in the 1998 film of Lost in Space, one of those movies I'm supposed to be too good for or something but which I've always adored (seen five times in the cinema, and the first DVD I ever bought).

Rest in peace, Mr. Tufeld. Another figure from my childhood--especially from elements borrowed from earlier childhoods--passes on.

Man, I love that Robot.


Devilham said...

I liked the Lost in Space movie too!!!!! I am sucker for flying saucers

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am with you. Lost in Space was a great movie. I can watch that one whenever it is on.

"And the monkey flips the switch."

Johnny Yen said...

Okay, here's a weird coincidence; one of the patients in the dialysis "acute room" I was working in yesterday was watching the movie (one of my colleagues and I had a discussion of Gary Oldman; he had never heard of the film "Sid and Nancy"). I was busy with my two patients, but heard the movie and made the comment to myself that the robot's voice was amazingly similar to that of the robot in series. Guess there was a good reason.

Drake said...

Who'll Warn us of danger now? Somewhere he's back voicing the robot and butting heads with dr. smith.

Johnny Yen said...

One other note: just watched Jim Jarmusch's "Mystery Train" with my son a few weeks ago. Great cast-- Steve Buscemi, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Tom Noonan, and the late Rick Aviles as... Will Robinson