Tuesday, December 06, 2011

TV Report

:: Okay, Castle, dial it back a little. Last night's episode was so unabashedly and ham-handedly trolling the audience--or at least the StaNathan shippers--that it distracted from the (thin) plot of the episode and made the flashback-heavy opening rather silly. You're not going to be able to come up with excuses to keep these two from getting together for much longer.

:: Speaking of plotlines I can do without: I'm very happy that the "Max falls in love with a hipster" story is behind us on 2 Broke Girls. If that stays behind us, that would be even better. Last night's episode made me cry, which was unexpected. It was Max saying goodbye to the horse; for some reason, it triggered memories about my cat, Sam, and how my mother dumped him at an animal shelter when I was at my dad's for the weekend. Nope, still not over it.

:: I started watching Homeland yesterday; I'm four episodes in now, and it is incredibly compelling. Claire Danes is excellent as an unstable CIA agent attempting to investigate a recovered POW she believes may have been turned by al-Qaeda. Watching this show peel back its layers is amazing. Danes's agent has a thoroughly damaged reputation with her office after screwing up an operation in Baghdad, and is secretly taking an anti-psychotic medication. She's obsessed with proving that the POW, Damian Lewis, is now an al-Qaeda agent, and one gets the sense it isn't about defending her country, but a desperate desire to be right about something. Meanwhile, Lewis' wife (the amazingly sexy Morena Baccarin, finally appearing in something that compels me to watch it) has been cheating on him with his best friend while her husband was missing and presumed dead in Iraq. These are some complex personal problems between the characters, and on top of that is the national security issue. It's riveting stuff, and easily the best of the new shows that came on this season.

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