Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

:: The Atlanta Braves are getting all litigious about Pixar's upcoming movie Brave. Probably they're just doing their due diligence in protecting their racist copyright brand.

:: I saw on the news this morning that a couple of studies had been done into creating more virulent, more resistant strains of bird flu that could easily be passed around by ferrets, but that US authorities are asking that the information not be published for fear of bio-terrorism. I have to admit, I'm a lot less afraid of bio-terrorists than I am of assholes who would pass this around just to see if they could do it. Like the guy who created computer viruses just to see if it could be done. There's always some idiot who has to ruin things just to see what happens.

:: There's apparently quite a wave of Christmas-related vandalism in the Northwest Suburbs this year; people finding that their elaborate Christmas decorations have been ruined. It galls me, as that sort of thing does every year. Is it really so hard for people to just respect other peoples' property and move past it? And then I have to flip on the news and hear people talk about those angry atheists or Muslims or terrorists, instead of just calling out what it is: privileged teenagers with too much time and not enough to do who are absolute assholes. That's all it ever is. Asshole teenagers. Maybe that bird flu should get out; we have a surplus of asshole teenagers and no World War to fight.


Roger Owen Green said...

Re: #3 - I truly believe that it is the curse of suburbia itself that creates a disconnect in their fallow brains.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you there: the combination of boredom and that steady drone of mememe that occurs in humanity is responsible for a lot of problems.

Tallulah Morehead said...

"There's always some idiot who has to ruin things just to see what happens.:

"Some people just want to see the world burn." Alfred the Butler in The Dark Knight.

Tallulah Morehead said...

"we have a surplus of asshole teenagers and no World War to fight."

Well, not this week, but maybe soon. Everyone remembers (By "everyone," I mean educated adults. Asshole teens have either never heard of WWII, or think it happened in 1860.) how WWII really finished off the last great Repulsivan-caused Depression. The real problem is that, with no draft, it won't "help," since asshole teenagers are hardly the ones likely to enlist. That said, I spent too many years protesting the draft and trying (eventually successfully) to get rid of it to want it back again for ANY reason whatever!

Sleestak said...

We quit putting up exterior decorations a few years ago becuz of the aholes who kept tearing them up.