Friday, December 09, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Is Not the Hottest Woman of All Time

Men's Health readers may think so, but to me it's an utterly insane thing to say that middling actress and professional victim Jennifer Aniston is the "Hottest Woman of All Time." Really, people? Jennifer Aniston is hotter than Marilyn Monroe? Hotter than Raquel Welch? No. Jennifer Aniston doesn't even come close to any of the great sex symbols. Jennifer Aniston isn't even the hottest woman in Hollywood working today. Hell, she wasn't even the hottest chick on Friends.

Polls like these are ridiculous. I mean, I realize they're subjective, I just didn't know so many people had such a terrible opinion of what sexy is.


Sleestak said...

It isn't Men's Health so much as Jenny's PR agent and how much they paid to have them run the poll.

Jason said...

Good god, are people still talking about Jennifer Aniston? Why? She hasn't worked in... how long?

Anyway, she was never, in her prime Friends days, "hot." She was always "cute" at best. I never understood why there was such a fuss over her.

Nathan said...

Seriously? Jennifer Aniston? Does she even do anything nowadays other than whine about Brad Pitt leaving her? She just seems really boring, and that's not hot.

By the way, I nominated this blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

DrGoat said...

There's a woman in my office that's hotter than Jennifer Anniston.

Nathan said...

But are the readers of Men's Health aware of the woman at your office?

Daskaea said...

That woman drives me crazy. She's a sniveling excuse for a human being.
I don't mind her acting, I even liked her on Friends and many of the movies she's been in. But real Jennifer Aniston, is a spoiled brat who has fixated her life on whining about everything that has helped her career.