Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fuck All Republicans Everywhere

Well, if the traitorous Teabaggers in the House of Representatives really think that cutting off unemployment insurance is really going to win them more Congressional seats and a presidential election next year, that should tell you everything you need to know about who you're dealing with. Just keep in mind that these people are purposely damaging the economy in order to keep Barack Obama from being re-elected. They don't care about your jobs, they care about theirs. They don't care about your money or health or well-being, or even their oaths of office. They're not representing you, or upholding the Constitution. They're not doing anything.

The nice thing is, if recent polls are to be believed, people are starting to realize this. People are starting to wake up to the simple fact that the Republicans have no ideas and are only interested in themselves. People are getting it. There's something very wrong going on, and anyone with a brain knows where the blame is.

I hope you motherfuckers who voted Republican in the midterm because you thought nothing was being done are having a really good Christmas. Personally, I'll be spending December 25th mulling over where we'll be able to park the car to sleep at night when my wife's unemployment runs out in 11 days.


Roger Owen Green said...

I should note that this on again/off again stuff is terrible for businesses who have to calibrate what the payroll deductions will be. Business friendly? Not hardly, House GOP.

Tallulah Morehead said...

"They're not representing you, or upholding the Constitution. They're not doing anything."

Oh, I wouldn't say they're not doing anything. Obstructionism and victimising people (such as yourself) for venal, selfish reasons is certainly doing stuff. Evil stuff, but stuff.

But yes, Fuck all Repulsivans and the fools who vote for them, a sentiment I've been posting regularly over on Facebook.

Vachon said...

Let's hope you're right. I'm a bit more pessimistic unfortunately and have this feeling that an important question is being omitted from these polls. It's not so much, "Do you approve of the way Congress is doing things?" but rather what should be asked, "Do you approve of the way your Congressman is doing things?" I have this terrible feeling that people think only the other Representatives need to be voted out and not theirs which will result in another high rate of incumbency.