Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Except the Real Cheeta Died in 1938

I'm seeing it reported that Cheeta (misspelled as "Cheetah" basically everywhere), the longest-lived chimpanzee of all time and the comic relief from the classic Johnny Weismuller-starring MGM Tarzan films, died recently at at the age of 80.

The thing is, that chimp wasn't in any Tarzan movie ever, and he was probably actually in his early fifties. He was a painter and he had quite a bit of personality, but he wasn't the Cheeta from any Tarzan movies. Both claims, made by his former owner Tony Gentry, were debunked in 2008.

He died at the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary. I'm sorry he died. I always thought he was neat when they brought him out and showed him painting. I just think more outlets should be reporting the actual truth and not the manufactured hype. There's enough there to celebrate without the made-up stuff, right?


Tallulah Morehead said...

Damn!! I mourned the wrong monkey!

Oh wait. No I didn't. Whether Cheeta died this year, last year, 1938, or anytime in-between, it really doen't affect my life. It wasn't like I was sitting around going: "I just hope and pray I get to meet Cheeta before he dies."

He did well for himself, considering that Cheetas never prosper.

So why the photo of Andy Sirkis? For a moment you scared me. I thought Andy was dead. I'm glad I'm wrong. Him I'd like to meet.

Nathan said...

I hear he was also the model for King Kong!