Sunday, November 13, 2011

If Satan Happens to Be Reading This, Though...

BECCA: Actually, watching Paranormal Activity 2 cured me of my fear from watching Paranormal Activity 1. Now that I know it's a deal with the devil, eh. Don't need to worry about that.

ME: Oh, you will one day.

BECCA: But then it's my children who'll suffer, not me. And your children, too.

ME: Well, then you'd better ask for millions and millions of dollars. And you can't withhold the kid, either. Remember on Reaper, they tried to not have a kid, but Satan knocked up the woman and they had that kid.

BECCA: Well, if Satan looks like Ray Wise, I'm up for that.

ME: Eh, still won't be my kid. Hey, maybe we could put the kid up for adoption. Then we'll get the millions and the whole demonic possession thing can be some foster family's problem. Boy, if there's a hell, I'm going there...

BECCA: Don't worry, I'll keep you company.

ME: Good.

BECCA: ... Could we sell the kid?

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