Friday, October 21, 2011

Withdrawing from Iraq

How many years out are we now since Mission Accomplished, aka Bushspeak for knocking down a statue?

We're finally leaving Iraq to its own self-determination, and I wish them luck. I still don't think we ever should have been there, but what do I know? I'm not on the right wing fringe, so apparently my political opinions don't matter unless some hypocrite wants to feel ultra-smart trying to put me in my place.

Anyway, what I think is interesting here is an interview I saw with latest national nightmare Herman Cain (architect of the 1%-friendly 9-9-9 slogan) where he said "there have been a lot of benefits that have come out of Iraq" (huh?) and then said "I would want to leave American troops there if that was what the commanders on the ground suggested. And I believe that that's what they are saying."

Any journalist worth their education (of which MSNBC has none) would have followed that up with a question about the December 31, 2011, deadline for troop withdrawal that was agreed on by both countries in 2008 and signed off on by President Bush. Does the Pizza Guy just not know this, or does he think the US should break any agreements its made just because it feels like it?

Which is it: idiot or oathbreaker?

Either one says a lot about the Pizza Guy.

UPDATE 6:21 PM: What does it say about Eric Cantor that he canceled his speech outlining the GOP plan for dealing with economic inequality simply because the venue would be open to the public? Only willing to preach to the choir, then? Can't defend your principles face to face? Scared of protesters, like most right wing weasels? Or do you just know your plan is indefensible, and you don't want to be challenged?

Brave leaders on the right. At least Obama lies to your face...


Anonymous said...

I could probably give Cain a pass if his pizza were any good. It'd be "yeah, he may suck at politics and governing, but the man can make a mean slice of pizza." But his pizza tastes like shit.

In terms of pizza presidents, I'm thinking we should go with someone like Lou Malnati.

Vote Lou for president

Roger Owen Green said...

i vote for Cain being disingenous.
and no, you were right; we ought not to have been in Iraq. You were also right when you noted sometime ago that the President needed a declaration of war for our actions in Libya. A presumably good outcome doesn't excuse illegal behavior.

mad photog said...

Obama did consult the military commanders. They were OK with us leaving.