Monday, October 03, 2011

TV Reportage

So I like Pretty Little Liars now. A close friend pushed me to watch it because it's basically her favorite show, and of course I dug it. Becca says it's like living with a 17 year-old girl, but I always get sucked into these soapy shows with pretty girls and mysteries. It's the same way I got sucked into Desperate Housewives. I have fun with it.

:: Melissa McCarthy was funnier on Saturday Night Live than she is on Mike & Molly. I wish she was an SNL cast member. She could replace my odious nemesis Kristen Wiig and her "he he he, nervous laugh, I'm socially awkward, he he, look how cute" delivery in every single sketch.

:: I hope the producers of 2 Broke Girls are paying Kat Dennings what she's worth. I don't think it's the unwatchable show people have said it is, but it is very canned, and the only thing that makes it work is that Kat Dennings doesn't have the typical, shitty, over-rehearsed sitcom delivery a lot of bad shows do. Think of the dope who played the son on Shit My Dad Says and then look at what Kat does. If that show has any chance of getting the time to get better, it's because of her.

:: I have two episodes of Pan Am in my TiVo and have yet to watch it. Has anyone else seen it? Is it promising at all? I decided to just delete The Playboy Club and not bother.

:: Planet Dinosaur on Discovery Channel is pretty awesome. The best dinosaur show I've seen in a while. They haven't taken the same care with it as Walking with Dinosaurs--the computer animation isn't the best I've seen, not remotely--but it's still a well-made show. It's specifically dealing with dinosaurs that have either been recently discovered or that we have a lot of new information about. I think it's fascinating to see, as our knowledge advances, the concept of what these animals looked like becomes more and more changed. If you love dinosaurs anywhere near as much as I do, give it a look.

:: Regarding The Big Bang Theory, I'd much rather see Penny and Amy get together than Leonard and Penny or Leonard and Amy or whatever the hell they're going to end up doing this season.

:: I've been in heaven with all of the Jar Jar and Gungans on this season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Just watching them take down General Grievous, even though General Tarpals had to die to do it, was breathtaking. I still love this show. I love this show better than Attack of the Clones, that's for sure.

:: Netflix has Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for streaming now, so as of Saturday, we've been watching that. (If anyone's interested--and I am--they also have Star Trek: The Animated Series up, too.) I'm two episodes away from finishing the first season of DS9, so I'll be giving it a short review the way I did TOS and TNG, if anyone's interested. I'm not sure why you would be, but hey, it's what I do.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am interested in what you havet to say about DS9. I love that one. Some wonky episodes but some that are just magnificent. Garak is such a terrific character who pays off way down the line.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am diggin on how the CLONE WARS has redeemed the gunguns in my eyes. No matter what ever evil Grevious does in that universe, he will always know that he got his ass handed to him by Gungans! I want some like that bounty hunter Cad Bane to bring it up with that snarky voice of his.

Caffeinated Joe said...

DS9 never thrilled me when it aired, and I was a big TNG fan. Maybe one day I'll give it another go.

As for 2 Broke Girls, I think what will save it is a good bonding between the girls, ala Laverne & Shirley, and then a wacky supporting cast. I am still hopeful for it!

Daskaea said...

I'm still holding a vain hope out for Penny and Sheldon, but they'll never let that one happen.
The Playboy Club looks really meh. Too bad they're using the gorgeous lesbolicious Amber Heard so poorly.