Sunday, October 02, 2011

TV Report: Doctor Who: Series 6

Uneven season for me, yes, but what an epic ending. I was waiting on pins and needles to see how Moffat got himself out of the corner he'd written himself into, and I wasn't disappointed. I guess that would be almost a literal deus ex machina. Doctor ex machina? Isn't doctor a Latin word? Anyway, very clever; the kind of thing I should have seen coming but missed because I was caught up in the emotions this last half of the season (and my continuing frustration with Amy).

I didn't mention it, but I particularly loved last week's episode, too--the return of Craig and almost no Amy Pond. (And Cybermen!) Man, I love Craig.

Can't wait for what comes next. More River Song would be nice; Alex Kingston has been utterly marvelous, one of the best characters in Doctor Who's long history.


Tallulah Morehead said...

Frankly, I thought The Weddng of River Song was mostly padding. We had an EXTENEDED series of catch-up flashbacks, which, given I had watched The Imposible Astronaut, Day of the Moon, A Good Man Goes to War, and Let's Kill Hitler over the 3 hours leading up to it, I could have done without. Most of the alternate-no-timeline was entertaining busy-work, nullified once we FINALLY got back to Lake Silencio and got back to advancing the plot. It was lots of fun, but I've seldom seen an episode with more filler.

I certianly agree that River Song is a great character, and they can't have too much Alex Kingston for me.

SamuraiFrog said...

It was filler-heavy. For me it worked as misdirection, mainly (I didn't watch the marathon leading up to it on BBC America, though). For me, a great deal of what worked in that episode was in the last few minutes; the sudden denouement saved what had been, for me, the least enjoyable season since the first half of the third.

I do hope the ending means more River.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I didn't watch THE Marathon either, I arranged my own, from DVDs of the first half of the seaon, and undeleted episodes from the second half, watching only those episodes that majorly advanced the uberstory, not a pleasant story, given that The Doctor never managed to save Melody Pond from her horrific upbringing. I would think mothers especially would find the whole storyline very upsetting. it's really very cruel. (Which is why no one but Amy beats up Amy for what she ended up doing to the vile eyepatch lady. Oh, and the payoff for the eyepatches was good.)

And I also found the final few minutes, once the actual story had been returned to, to be satisfying and almost not-a-cheat. The show and Steven Mofett in interviews and press releases ASSURED us that The Doctor was actually dead in that opening sequence, that it was not a cheat. Well, that was a lie now, wasn't it? It was an honest cheat, in that he got out of it without violating their rules, but he was never actually dead, so Moffett saying to the press that The Doctor was dead was a cheat.

But for me, "Epic" must be entirely organic, all of it must be necessary. The three-part finale of Donna Noble's season was epic, this finale was not, as it could have been cut down to 15 minutes and worked just as well. Ironic, since the set-up filled four stories without padding, so as uberstories go, it was fairly epic. (Heaven knows it was clearer and made more sense than the revivial of Rory from non-existence in last year's finale.)

I do like that Moffett is not afraid to embrace the time travel, and tie it in knots at times. And I'd say that they have clearly set up that we will get more River Song, and The Doctor will get a LOT more.

SamuraiFrog said...

I do like that about Moffat, too: he's one of the better writers when it comes to using time travel and time itself as more than just the backdrop.

John Seven said...

I enjoyed this season a lot and actually liked Amy a lot more this season ... soooooo ... I dunno, it seemed more ... Dr Whoey to me than any of RTD's over angsty episodes ... it was just ... fun ... and a little bit silly.