Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reasons Why I Stopped Rooting for This Species a Long Time Ago #508

Alabama's new anti-immigration law, HB 56, has been putting lots of Latinos behind bars this week--some of them legal residents of the US. There's been a mass flight of migrant workers (and schoolchildren) from the state as their water services get cut off (apparently water service is only available to legal residents and not paying customers now, which seems like we should all be getting it for free if that's the case).

So now there's a worker shortage on farms that were underpaying undocumented immigrants (and remember, the real criminals are the undocumented, not the people hiring them to work the fields for pennies). What's an economy dependent on unfair wages and illegal hiring practices in a racist state to do?

Well, John McMillan, agriculture commissioner, has proposed that the farm work could be done now by inmate labor.

So let me get this straight.

Step 1: Pass a draconian and oppressive anti-foreigners law.

Step 2: Detain large numbers of illegals and scare off the rest, resulting in an artificially created labor crisis.

Step 3: Solve labor crisis by using inmates from private prisons freshly put there by an oppressive anti-Latino law.

Step 4: Profit!

Or, let's put it in actual, more realistic terms.

Step 1: Make it illegal to be an underpaid Latino in Alabama, jail people for being Latino, and then turn those underpaid workers into unpaid workers.

The Alabama state government must be positively shitting itself with glee that they were able to bring back slavery through just a little legal wrangling.

Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans: don't come here. Not only does our economy suck, but apparently you will be caught and turned into slaves. I know, I know, this country prides itself on being the home of liberties and rights. We say a lot of shit we don't mean.


Tallulah Morehead said...

" I know, this country prides itself on being the home of liberties and rights. We say a lot of shit we don't mean."

True, but especially true in Alabama, which has been one of our worst backwater states for a long, long time. Nasty, evil, and stupid people. The real Tallulah Bankhead, herself an Alabaman, would be deeply ashamed.

mad photog said...

We should have let 'em go when we had a chance.


Sinistar said...

Damn son!

Roger Owen Green said...

I recommend ythe book Slavery by Another Name, which is how the Jim Crow laws in the 1880s through the 1930s allowed southern states to arrest black men on trumped up charges (loitering, e.g.) and imprison them. They would then lease them out to the steel company or whatever business was in town. And unlike slavery, where there was some motivation to keep your slave in decent enough condition to work, if a prisoner died, well you could justy go lease another one.

SamuraiFrog said...

Thanks for the recommend, Roger. I hadn't actually heard of that. I've heard of Jim Crow, of course, but not about prisons leasing workers. Monstrous, and still a template, sadly. So this is nothing new.