Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Carl!

My friend Carl is 35 years old today. Just the other day I ran across this picture of us at our Confirmation. I can't even remember when this was... Junior high? Having fun, as always. What I remember most about the day is that I wore sneakers with my fancy clothes, and Carl commenting, half-admonishingly, half-impressed, "You are the King of Casual."

I just can't believe we're both 35. I've never felt 35 for a moment. A friend on Tumblr said she couldn't picture me being older than 23, and that's still how I feel. Immature. Not grown up. Understanding life a little better, maybe, but still irresponsible. I don't know how it is for Carl, but that's how it is for me. I still think of us as young guys, going to night classes together and eating at Denny's afterwards.

I hope Carl and his amazing girlfriend are doing something special tonight. It's his day, man. And he got to be born in the best month of the year, lucky bastard.

Happy birthday, dude. We've been friends for a long damn time, and I hope we're friends for much longer.


Daskaea said...

Age is in your mind, friend. I know that probably sounds hollow coming from a 24-year-old. But I don't think my mum is old and she just turned 57. It's how much you let it get you down I think. I'm the weirdest 24-year-old, I'm looking forward to Crow's Feet. I'm looking forward to the future, I'm always excited for things to come. Dwelling in the good memories is nice, but I'm optimistic. Anyways, maybe I'll tell you in 11 years if I still feel that 35 isn't old but I don't consider you old. Not remotely.

Carl said...

Thanks, man! It's weird that I don't feel older either. I look at that photo and can't believe that was us! And what the Hell was I thinking with those glasses?!?

I'm not sure what it means to be an adult, either. I mean, I've got a full time job, I rent my own place, I'm in a stable relationship, I pay taxes, I have none of the safety nets being a child has, but I don't feel like a grown-up. My dad already had my brother and sister at this age, and I can't imagine having a family, or a mortgage, or anything of the like.

I often wonder if My dad felt this way, and he probably did. We probably have more in common now than I imagine--he watched Monty Python, too, after all...

Thanks for the well wishes! and thanks for being with me when we mortified that Denny's waiter. And not posting any more pictures of Carrot Top.

And being the best friend a guy could have for all these years!

Now, if you all will excuse me, I'm off to declare my run for presidency, 'cause dammit, I legally can now!