Saturday, October 01, 2011

Halloween: Random Commercials

Most of you know that I love the silly, commercial side of Halloween. I'm a pop culture kid. So here are three random Halloween-themed commercials.

First, a McDonald's ad from 1979. Love the talking Jack O'Lantern.

Next, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups commercial from some time or other in the 80s.

And lastly, the Duracell commercial with Dracula (and Berlioz music). This is the only one I actually remember seeing on TV; the expiration date on the battery is '02, so I'm guessing this is from 10 or so years ago. I really don't remember, but it was the mid-90s through about 2002 when Duracell had its best commercials. Jeff Bridges' voice-overed earnestness just gets drowned out for me.

More commercials next Saturday, I think. More Halloween every day in October.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great stuff and great stuff to look forward to! I am hoping Snickers either brings back the creepy grocery lady ad from last year or makes something new, but just as eerie!

SamuraiFrog said...

Oh gosh, I'd actually forgotten that one! I went over to YouTube to check it out, and I can't believe that one got lost in my brain!