Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween: For the Last Time This Year, Halloween Commercials

When did McDonald's start putting out the Halloween pails? '85? '86? I remember getting them (and loving them an embarrassing amount), but these are the first, the ones that were just pumpkin-colored. Later they had variations, including a ghost, which is my second favorite.

(By the way, there are new Halloween pails at McDonald's this year. Just thought I'd mention. Becca picked up the Frankenstein's Monster.)

The stickers are a neat touch, but I kind of miss the more minimal designs of the old ones. Every Halloween I miss you, McBoo...

I know I've never seen this surprisingly loud commercial before, since I wasn't born until five years after it aired. It kind of annoys me that Frankenstein's Monster is being called Igor here, but it's a cute ad. That's Tom Bosley doing the voiceover, right? And is that John Fiedler behind the counter?

And we end the year with... what the heck is Burger Chef?

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Anonymous said...

Damn, I used to LOVE Burger Chef! And those kids' meals. Miss that place.