Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween: Even More Random Commercials

Here's a Hershey's commercial from 1981. I don't recall if I ever saw it, but I was 5 that year. And come on, who's giving out the full-size candy bars on Halloween? Those people would've been neighborhood heroes!

Here's an 80s commercial for Paas Halloween Makeup Kits. I never got fancy with the makeup; I was definitely a mask kid. These always looked like fun to me, but they were oddly intimidating.

And I'll end this week's batch with this 1983 commercial for General Mills' monster cereals, because I haven't eaten breakfast yet and there's an unopened box of Franken Berry sitting on top of my fridge. Not crazy about the cityscape background. And poor Boo Berry doesn't even get to say his name!

Three more next week!

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Autumn said...

We had one old guy on our Trick or Treat route who gave out full size candy bars and I can tell you I knew the way to his house by heart before I was 5. We also had a lady who gave out caramel apples to the first 50 kids so we got to run up the road to see her while my parents warmed up the van. They should give out Halloween trophies to these people because they were amazing!

Now I want vanilla tootsie rolls.