Thursday, October 06, 2011

And the Dust Settles on the New 52

I don't know that many people are going to follow up with all of the new DC second issues--why bother when the immediate marketing stunt is over?--but I wanted to point out that of all the issues released yesterday, the first Wednesday of the second month of the New 52, I only picked up one second issue: Swamp Thing #2. I briefly flirted with the idea of picking up the second issue of Batwing, since I sorta kinda liked the first issue and found the premise sorta okay, but I just didn't bother. I don't feel like investing in this sort of decompression where these modern comics somehow manage to let 5 pages of story sprawl out over 22 pages of poor layouts.

I liked Swamp Thing #2, for the most part. There's more narrative meat here than in the first issue; really, everything in the first issue could probably have been skipped over entirely. This really should have been the first issue. It introduces or reintroduces the whole mythology of the Green and the idea and purpose of Swamp Thing and sets up a conflict with a coming entity bent on taking over all life. The final few pages, though, turn into The Walking Dead fan fiction; a TV show I haven't seen, and a comic book I stopped reading a long, long time ago. I was disappointed that this issue seemed to have turned away from horror comic and taken it into, well, the douchey new DC type of stuff. An action comic starring Swamp Thing? Not sure if want. I guess I'll see what happens with the next issue. The good outweighed the bad on this one.

Also, a question: where is Justice League #2? Is that bi-monthly, or is it already late?

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Caffeinated Joe said...

I think Justice League was released first cause it is sort of a flagship title and this month it is in its regular week slot, which I believe is the 3rd week.