Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TV Report

:: What the fuck, Hell's Kitchen? Still with this Elise nonsense? Are people really clamoring for more of her insane bullshit? Didn't this used to be a show about cooking? I have to say, they've whipped me up into a froth of total indifference to whatever happens in the finale. Will I watch it? Sure I will. But I don't really care about who wins, because at this point the inner workings have been so nakedly manipulated by producers that how could I possibly care? And watching Elise successfully game Will and Paul into defending her just made me lose my respect for both. And Tommy's been an unpleasant sub-moron since day one, so who gives a shit?

:: Another brilliant finale for Curb Your Enthusiasm. And nice to see Michael J. Fox for a change, too. I didn't laugh at anything harder this week than the last few minutes of the finale. The great thing about Curb is the way it tends to end so brilliantly; I'd gladly watch another season, as always, but the end of every season has always managed to be a satisfying finale for the entire series, if it comes to that.

:: I've really reached a point with True Blood where I'm comfortable. I expect it to be stupid, and I enjoy the stupidity. Becca truly hates it; she'll look at something on the show and get irritated and think "This is extremely stupid," whereas I'll look at it and think "This is extremely hilarious." God, does that mean I like something ironically? Egad. I'll be wearing a scarf and thick black glasses next.

:: I've been watching the most wonderful anime series called Usagi Drop. I don't ever seek out anime, but I'm really glad I saw this. There's one episode left, but I never want it to end. It's about a 31 year-old man who changes his priorities to care for a 6 year-old girl fathered, unbeknownst to the family, by his late grandfather. It can be wonderfully cute and tender and heartwarming, but a lot of it is a serious rumination on the nature of parenthood and the feeling of security a family can bring. It's really an excellent series, and I love it.

:: The "Duckling" episode of Louie was one of the best things I saw all summer. Nothing more to say than that.

:: Still not so into the new season of Doctor Who. Last weekend's episode was better than I thought it would be, but I still hate Amy Pond. Last season was so great, I really had high hopes for season six...

:: Yep, still watching Teen Mom, but I am so sick of Farrah and her awful parents... can't this whole show just be about Maci and Catelynn from now on? Maybe combine them with Kailyn and Leah from Teen Mom 2 and just drop everyone else?

I guess that more or less sums up my non-Netflix and non-DVD summer viewing. I'm really looking forward to the new season starting, if only because I've really missed Castle.


Roger Owen Green said...

MJ Fox was really good in The Good Wife this past season.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Farrah is such a brat. I truly dislike her. She gets breast implants because she wants to be a model but drops that when her first experience is tedious.

The dog she got for a toddler who would be just as happyw with a fluffy towel, gets neglected and eventually is given away. If she hadn't have found that old neighbor lady to step up that dog would be dead now.

And now she stupidly wants to move to Florida (another whim) where her daughter will miss out on her grandparents because dealing with her parents like an adult is inconventient for Farrah.

I want Catelyn to go over to her house and bitch slap her back to coherance.

She is truly useless.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Curb has been one of my favorites forever. How great for Larry David to discover that he was the best character he would ever think up. The depths of Larry's self centeredness and poor people skills is delightful to watch. Never better, however, than when he is being screamed at by Suzie Essman.

The ringing of Richard Lewis' phone was my high moment for that show.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I have to say that I've been enjoying this season of Doctor Who rather a good deal more than last season, but then, I do not find Amy Pond irritating, though I still wonder what she sees in Rory. (You want irritating? Try "Peri," the 6th Doctor's "American" - as in, and English girl thinking whining and nasality constitutes an American accent - companion. The worst Doctor and the worst companion.)

Amy's middle-age make-up in this week's episode was great. It didn't look like make-up, and actually resembled genuine aging. (I love when an actor who had to wear an old age make-up when young actually gets old, and we see how wrong the make up was. See Orson Welles in the later scenes of Citizen Kane and compare with the actual Old Orson Welles.)

Part of why I like it is that this season is so River Song-centric, and I always love Alex Kingston in anything. Also, so far, The Doctor has confronted two of the most evil monsters ever, Nixon & Hitler. (Nixon so did not deserve a ride in the Tardis.) Daleks and Weeping Angels? Easy. Nixon & Hitler? Difficult. (The Nazis were the inspiration for the Daleks in the first place. Terry Nation, who created The Daleks, was a small by in London during The Blitz, said they were how the Nazis came across to little kids then: monsters rolling about screaming "Exterminate" at anyone not them.)

And I'm certianly curious about how Moffett will get himself out of the plot dead-end he wrote himself into in the first episode. I hope it's better than the lame way he revived Rory from non-existence last season.

Yet I admit, nothing this season has yet had the emotional impact of taking Van Gogh to see how his art is regarded in 2010.

SamuraiFrog said...

I love whenever Alex Kingston is on, too. What I wonder, though, is what Rory sees in Amy.