Sunday, September 04, 2011

Night Terrors

Yesterday's episode of Doctor Who is really the only episode I've liked so far this season. If last season (including the Christmas episode) was, as I said, a fairy tale, then "Night Terrors" was the first episode this season that fit back in that groove. But more important is that this is the first episode this season that felt like it didn't have to prove how clever the show is supposed to be or plow through a story in order to get in all the bits to fit into an arc and all of the continuity that this show is currently collapsing under the weight of. "Night Terrors" just did something that's been far too novel this season: it told a story. A story that unfolded, that was worth watching, and which had a very satisfying ending. Even Amy didn't annoy me as much as she's been annoying me all season. (Seriously, when I start wishing for Martha Jones to come back, things have gotten really irritating.)

I liked Neil Gaiman's episode okay, even though it fell into the typical Neil Gaiman cutesy excesses. And I do love any time when Alex Kingston is on this show. "Night Terrors," to be honest, isn't even what I'd call a great episode of Doctor Who. But it was notably the first time I've watched the show in 2011 and actually felt satisfied after, like I'd been entertained the whole time. And that's something this season just hasn't gotten right so far.


Lee said...

Felt the exact same way about it.

The charisma of Matt Smith goes a long way.

John Seven said...

But you're not wishing for Series 2 Rose, so it's not as bad as it could be.

I've enjoyed this series as much as I did the last one, which is a lot. It feels more like a kids' show to me - finally - and more "fannish" - and in general agrees with my brain more than RTD's version.

I think New Who has always been pretty inconsistent and always relies on your attitude of whichever Doctor as to how you take it, and your tolerance of any given sidekick - as the series has always been. I love 11 and so I forgive his lesser adventures - I did not love 10, so he had to do better to please me. Conversely, I think it's hard to find companions you really actually enjoy - series 1 Rose, Donna, and Rory are really it for me (in the old series, there's a huge gap between Romana and Ace that took forever to be filled). I forgave Eccleston everything.

It's a goofy, silly show. Always has been.