Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Film Week

A review of the film I saw this week.

I didn't like this second Carry On film as much as I did Carry On Sergeant. Possibly it was this film's more languid pace; without the main story arc (basic training) to carry it through, it seems a little too relaxed and laid back. Not that I didn't laugh; there were still a lot of very funny moments, and I especially enjoyed Kenneth Williams in this one. (Also Charles Hawtrey; just the way he looks makes me laugh, but I think it's because he kind of looks like my Grandma Sage...). Anyway, my enthusiasm to see this entire series has not dimmed. **1/2 stars.


Drake said...

This style of pace returns in later films where there is no main plot to hang the jokes onto, Nurse has a few firsts for the series, Joan Sims and Leslie Phillips first Carry Ons.

Tallulah Morehead said...

This is really more the template for the series than the first one was, which was, after all, an adaptation of a book. I will never forget my mother exploding with laughter at the end, when they take Wilfred Hyde-White's temperature with a daffodill.

Apparently Hawtry had a huge drinking problem, and was most unpleasant offscreen, and died a ghastly death, but onscreen, he is hilarious.