Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DADT Is Dead; Now Let's Grow Up on Civil Rights

As of today, the great Don't Ask, Don't Tell compromise is repealed. It's not the end of the road for LGBT acceptance in the military, of course--read this editorial here for an idea of what gay servicemembers have ahead of them and how they should be combating prejudice--but a great disservice to human dignity has been cast aside. In the endless struggle to have all people recognized as people, and the inexplicable-in-the-21st-Century need to fight against legislated prejudice.

It's sad that even as one piece of legislation against difference dies, another blossoms. In North Carolina, the state senate has voted in favor of banning gay marriage through a constitutional amendment. There's an excellent post I recommend right here.

This period in American history is a period I'm going to remember for useless class warfare and enshrined ignorance. As I keep saying, I'm not rooting for the survival of humanity right now. There are glimmers of hope, though. LGBT men and women will now be able to serve openly in the military if they choose to. Now they have to fight long-standing prejudices by being willing to talk and being willing to show that there's nothing different about them. I hope this clears the stage for a larger, more adult discussion about gay civil rights. I have hope that America can grow the fuck up and stop treating people like second class citizens.

I don't always, but I do today.

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Caffeinated Joe said...

I'm glad things are making headway, even if it is back and forth still, state-by-state.

I long ago gave up hoping major changes would occur in my lifetime. I guess we are just in one of these eras that will be seen in history as "changing times" and not the finished outcome or civilization that results from it.