Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christopher Reeve

Jim Henson's birthday was the other day, as was Mark Hamill's. Continuing the parade of people who have influenced me, Sunday would also have been Christopher Reeve's birthday.

Christopher Reeve was one of my personal heroes, and not just because his portrayal of Superman so influenced my childhood and my every opinion of what the character should be. It was because of how, post-accident, he became a major proponent and activist for stem cell research, something I believe is deeply important. Reeve really was Superman in a lot of ways, and my respect and admiration for him is unending.

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Jason said...

He was -- still is, really -- a hero of mine as well. He had a fascinating arc to his life, almost cinematic in itself: by his own admission, he was a fairly shallow man before his accident, and he became much, much more following it. He was an amazing symbol of endurance and dignity and hope and the human spirit. I love his portrayal of Superman, and if you can say this of someone you never met, I loved him too.