Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Laurie McAllister 1958-2011

It's with sadness that I've learned that Laurie McAllister, the final bassist of the Runaways, has passed away. There's not much in the news about this, but from what I keep reading, her untimely death was due to asthma-related health issues.

Laurie was the final bass player for the Runaways, replacing Vicki Blue in November 1978 and playing the final live concerts, including their final show, on New Year's Eve of that year. She also appears in some of the promo material for the group's final album, And Now... the Runaways, despite not actually playing on the record. The Runaways broke up in January 1979.

Laurie went on to play bass in another Kim Fowley band, the Orchids. They released one album in 1980.

Laurie McAllister is a part of one of my favorite rock legacies of all time; the greatest all-girl band that ever recorded and one of the best rock bands of all time, full stop. I wish her loved ones well in this difficult time.

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