Monday, July 18, 2011

Kristen Bell Mondays on Kristen Bell's Birthday

"Mr. Danson, I’m a really big fan… like a really big fan. The problem was this: he plays Arthur Frobisher on Damages, that’s his character’s name. I decided to make my alias Holly Frobisher, his wife. So when I saw him in the lobby, I said ‘I’m such a big fan’, he said that’s really sweet, I said you don’t understand. I’m currently checked in this hotel as Holly Frobisher, your wife. And I think he was flattered, he might have been freaked out, but he was flattered. And than he said oh thank you so much, I’m a big fan too. And I said, are you? Really? Are you checked in this hotel Sarah Marshall? Because that’s what fans do Ted, that’s what big fans do."

Happy Birthday, beautiful.


Kal said...

That is the kind of hollywood story that keep me watching the late night talk shows. Glad she can still be starstruck. She is one who never lets me down as an actress and a real person.

Andrew said...

So, in the GIF....
Is she pointing at her crotch and telling me to get to work???

Aye, aye, Captain Bell!