Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hell's Kitchen

In all of the Star Trek viewing and Dance with Dragons reading, I didn't get a chance to write about the new season of Hell's Kitchen starting up. I enjoy this show a lot more than MasterChef, so I'm glad to see it back on.

No clear favorites so far... on the men's side, I like Will and Paul, who at least have passion and sense, and Jonathon's okay. I'm a little reserved on him, to be honest. On the women's side, Krupa really knows what she's doing. I think Amanda, Natalie and Jamie have talent, too, but they haven't had a chance to emerge yet.

The men are already down Jason, Steven, and Brendan. Jason had a health episode, and Steven was predictable, because they always gang up on the older chefs first. I'm thrilled to see Brendan gone. He was an arrogant prick, and for once it was nice to see the arrogant prick go home almost immediately. His coupling with Carrie was... disturbing.

And how about Carrie? She's the season's girl who thinks she can coast by on her cuteness. I think the girls are doing better (obviously), but they need to drop Elise and her mouth. The constant aggressiveness is just off-putting. It's all attitude, right away, and it's irritating. And she's another one of those contestants who just comes on, fucks up, gets taken off stations, then goes after everyone else who makes mistakes by talking about how she has so much more talent. Then why did you get kicked off the fish station, imbecile?

The guys could probably stand to lose Tommy next. He doesn't seem good for much, teamwise.

Either way, Brendan's gone, so I'm happy.

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