Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Rape Her

My hope and respect for humanity has been hanging by a thread, and that thread finally snapped the other day when I read a horrifying news story about an 11 year-old girl who was picked up on the street by a 19 year-old man who took her and raped her, and then took her to another location and continued the rape in the company of 17 other rapists, some of them middle school-aged. I do not root for the survival of a race capable of this. And, with terrible predictability, the apologists started coming out and admonishing the girl for what she was wearing.

This video is a great anti-rape PSA. I'm glad we're starting to see more people who think rape prevention is not the sole responsibility of women who should live in fear and get in line with how men apparently think they should dress and conduct themselves.

Instead, teach men and boys that rape is wrong, inhumane, and intolerable.


Andrew said...

Man, you just reminded me of the most depressing thing I have ever witnessed....
I don't want to go into details, but one time, I was searching through sexy-ish pictures on a random Yahoo Groups site, and came across one pic, in particular, that was just...plain wrong. ALL WRONG.

Look, I'll spare you the details, but this particular photo of a girl was obviously taken in a very NON-consensual sort of situation. Oh, believe me -- I've seen all sorts of porn, and can tell when something like that is just simulated for some weird fantasy purpose. No, no. That's NOT the case with this photo. It was real, and really messed up. If you'd seen it, you'd understand.

Among other things, the girl's eyes were all red -- as though she'd been crying. That's the main thing I'll never forget. I felt sick seeing the miserable look in her eyes. She clearly was not having a good time when that picture was taken. Some disgusting piece of shit was FORCING her to do what she was doing.

It really bothered me -- this random pic on a random site that was SUPPOSED to be about hot chicks in bikinis, and not fucked up shit like that. There was clearly a failure of the moderators there. So, after some thought, I reported the pic to Yahoo, and they just took the whole damn group down. Yeah -- the next day, the entire user group was just plain GONE.

I kept waiting for, like, the FBI or someone to contact me about it, but nothing else ever happened. Yahoo never even responded to my e-mail. This was about ten years ago.

The thought of the whole thing still occasionally haunts me. I get depressed even remembering it. Some people just really are garbage, man. I understand your disgust in light of the story you just mentioned.

Fuckin' human race. Sometimes, we're just nothing more than a virus with shoes.

Roger Owen Green said...

The idea that such a video is even necessary depresses the hell out of me.