Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spoilery Game of Thrones Note

Can I just say that I'm really surprised and impressed that the world of A Song of Ice and Fire fans seemed to collectively, unconsciously decide not to spoil Ned Stark's death for the viewing audience who hadn't read the book? Maybe we were all curious to see how they would react--I know I was, because I was waiting for (and got) that WTF phone call from my Mom.

Let's keep this unofficial policy going with this show!


Megan said...

There were some jackasses out there but in the main, it was pretty damn civilized, I thought. It's going to be hard to sustain it for the next 10 months though. However, I have seen comments on the boards and elsewhere that many viewers have been inspired to buy the books. So that's super cool!

Lockwood said...

I second your thoughts... as a fan of Martin since the mid 70's, I had read the series several times, recommended the adaptation to friends who like that sort of thing, but confined myself to general comments... "fascinating, rich characters," "incredibly complicated, interwoven plot lines," "brutal, realistic portrayals of people and situations," "surprising, often devastating plot twists," and so on. I think we can get others interested- certainly curious- MORE easily with generalizations than with spoilers.