Friday, June 10, 2011

Movie Firsts

I don't think Booksteve intended to start a meme with this post, but I couldn't resist doing this myself.

1st Dracula Movie: I believe it was the Bela Lugosi version.

1st Disney Movie: Sleeping Beauty, which was also the first movie I ever saw.

1st movie I saw without my parents: The first movie I ever saw alone, without my parents or friends or anyone, was a showing of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. My Dad dropped me off and picked me up. I was 12. It was one of a few times I saw that movie, but the only time I saw it alone.

1st movie I had to stand in a long line for: Return of the Jedi, when I was 5.

1st movie I saw with a girl: I really can't remember. The first time I saw a movie with an actual date was The Fugitive, I think, with Jenny Bradley.

1st James Bond movie: The Living Daylights. Not the ideal first Bond experience.

1st adult date movie: Well, The Fugitive was in high school. I'm going to say Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, which was the first movie Becca and I saw together, on Christmas Day 1994. That was our second real date.

1st X-Rated film: I don't remember. When I was a kid I was watching scrambled Playboy Channel. The first movie I ever saw that had an actual X rating was Midnight Cowboy, except I think it was re-rated R for home video.

1st Marx Brothers film: Duck Soup. I saw it on cable one morning at my Dad's house. I was immediately hooked.

1st movie on videotape: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'd seen it in the theater with my parents, but when my Dad bought the VCR it came with Raiders. I'm not sure what the first movie was that I saw on VHS that I'd never seen before. Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown, maybe?

1st animated feature film: Again, Sleeping Beauty.

1st favorite film star: Harrison Ford.

1st film star I got an autograph from: Brinke Stevens.

1st film star I saw in person: I think Brinke Stevens!

1st WC Fields film: The Bank Dick. Still my favorite of his films, but there isn't one I don't like. Although I'm not crazy about You Can't Cheat an Honest Man, but I really don't care for Charlie McCarthy.

1st M-rated film: I have no idea!

1st R-rated film: RoboCop. It traumatized me for a while. In the theater, that is; I think I saw other R-rated films on video, like Predator, before then.

1st movie on DVD: Lost in Space was the first movie I bought on DVD. No, wait, actually my Mom gave it to me for Christmas the year I bought my player; I actually had the disc before I had the player, which Becca and I pooled our money and bought a couple of days later. I don't know what the first movie I saw on DVD was that I'd never seen before.

1st blaxpoitation film: Coffy. Damn it, I love Pam Grier.

1st martial arts film: I couldn't tell you for sure. When I was a kid, one of the things my Dad and sister and I would watch on local TV were martial arts flicks, but I never knew the name of any of them.

1st screwball comedy: Depends what you consider screwball, I suppose. The first one I saw where I was actually aware of what a screwball comedy was, was It Happened One Night, which I saw in high school.

1st Cary Grant film: I think it was Houseboat or Father Goose or That Touch of Mink or something. My Mom loved him, so I know I saw a few movies when I was younger, but before I was so interested in that type of movie.

1st Clint Eastwood film: Every Which Way But Loose, when I was really, really young.

1st favorite actress: Drew Barrymore, because we were the same age.

1st favorite movie song: "The Bare Necessities." I had a record of Disney songs.

1st favorite movie cowboy: John Wayne. My Grandma loved him.

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Tallulah Morehead said...

I want to play too.

1st Dracula Movie: DEFINITELY it was Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. I remember when I finally saw Dracula being impressed with how noticeably younger Lugosi was in it than he was in the Abbott & Costello movie. (Oddly, since it isn’t asked, the first movie I ever saw at all was Abbott & Costello Meet the Invisible Man.

1st Disney Movie: Peter Pan in its original release.

1st movie I saw without my parents: No idea. I routinely saw movies without my parents, in the company of my two elder siblings, so it was before I was 5, maybe before I was 3.

1st movie I had to stand in a long line for: Disney’s Bambi.

1st movie I saw with a girl: Children of the Damned. Honestly. The girl is nowadays named Annette Burchell, and we’re still Facebook friends anyway, 47 years later.

1st James Bond movie: Dr. No, in its original America release, as an unknown second-feature to Day of the Triffids, which it toally upstaged.

1st adult date movie: Earthquake.

1st X-Rated film: MPAA rated-X Midnight Cowboy. Just plain porn: had no title, in 16mm. Hot.
1st Marx Brothers film: A Night at the Opera in summer camp when I was 8. Believe it or not, I found it tiresome. Mind you, it is now one of my top 3 favorite movies of all-time, but I was not ready for it at 8. At 18, I read a book on Groucho I inherited when my grandfather died, became hooked, and began not just seeing their movies, but memorizing them.

1st movie on videotape: David Copperfield with WC Fields, if you mean the first VHS movie I bought. Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was second.

1st animated feature film: Still Peter Pan.

1st favorite film star: Boris Karloff. (And still)

1st film star I got an autograph from: Yvonne De Carlo.

1st film star I saw in person: Buster Keaton.

1st WC Fields film: Can not remember. (And most-likely Alice in Wonderland, hardly the film to “meet” Fields in!) Love them all. The one I’ve most-recently watched was The Man on the Flying Trapeze with a friend last week, whom, like I, could do the dialogue along with the film. Hookilakah Mishebobbe rules!

1st movie on DVD: The Wolfman with Chaney. It came with the DVD player.

1st blaxpoitation film: Whatever the second Shaft movie was called. I had worked that morning with Richard Roundtree on the radio show I worked on, and he was so sexy, I mean really, in person, this guy could give me an erection at 20 paces. So I went out after work and found the nearest theater playing one of his movies and saw it. Nice guy too, but would not give me a tumble!

1st martial arts film: Have yet to see one, unless you count the Martial Arts movie parody in Kentucky Fried Movie. I saw that. I’m sorry. Martial Arts movies are a huge yawn for me.

1st Cary Grant film: Arsenic & Old Lace.

1st Clint Eastwood film: Revenge of the Creature.

1st favorite actress: Joan Davis.

1st favorite movie song: “Whale of a Tale” from Disney’s 20,000 Leagues.

1st favorite movie cowboy: Always hated cowboy movies. I watched Roy Rogers’s Saturday Morning TV show, so I guess him, and I don’t like him.