Wednesday, June 01, 2011

If Those Nude Pictures Aren't of Blake Lively...

...then how can she legally demand that every website in the known universe take the pictures off the internet?

I mean, first she says they are "100%" not her, and then she threatens legal action against any website that publishes the pictures.

But, if they aren't pictures of her, she has no legal claim to them.

So... which is it?

My best guess? Another case of a celebrity needing a quick infusion of edge and attention.


Anonymous said...

They can't be worse than those pics of shirtless Bieber. For fucks sake, you're diddlng Selena Gomez, how about doing a push up? Is he Canadian or something?
They always make with the lawyers if it's really them. Like poor Anthony Weiner.

Roger Owen Green said...

I have no idea. But if someone were out there with pictures saying it's a nude you, or Weiner's cock, or even Morgan Freeman's voice on a commercial, and it's not,I can see why someone might be peeved.

Anonymous said...

Unless it's a pic of her blowing a sasquatch, does anyone care? I bet a pissed off boyfriend did the Weiner post.

MC said...

This is an interesting read re: the alleged Weiner pic.

It does seem suspicious circumstances now.