Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Can't Take the World Seriously Anymore

There's an interesting article here at the Washington Post about what we can learn from Sweden and their swift and total economic recovery from the Great Recession. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of looking in the comments, and it's not long before the first tea-infused lunatic shows up making weird points.

First, Teatard erroneously claims that Sweden would have collapsed without the US Fed "propping up" the Swedish banks, which is just all kinds of inaccurate. He willfully ignores one of the most important details in the article, which is that after their 1992 economic collapse (a collapse which actually held banks responsible, as we should have done here instead of simply making them bigger and more powerful), the Swedish government made it a priority to always have a budget surplus to weather another crisis.

Next Teatard basically claims the recovery doesn't count, or something, because the Swedish economy is "slightly smaller than Ohio." He goes on to explain in a follow-up comment that the Swedish economy is not as complex as ours. I wish someone had asked him to explain the financial situation in Greece, then, which is smaller than Sweden yet teetering on the edge of total insolvency. And as for complexity, there's a lot more social welfare in Sweden than there is here in America, and yet Sweden has completely recovered from Economic Clusterfuck '08.

Also, they aren't fighting an unending series of pointless, unwinnable, sometimes illegal and unconstitutional wars.

Teatard's remaining points are about the Swedish population, including that it is "completely homogeneous in terms of its racial composition."

So... you're not actually making economic points, you're just an asshole.

Seriously, what does that even mean? And how far back in the past are we that racial theories have a place in a discussion on the economy?


Jaquandor said...

I'm mad at you now, just because "tea-infused lunatic" is something I should have thought to say. Curse you, clever wordsmith!

Anonymous said...

Right now fixing this country is easy, if we ever feel like doing it.