Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

They never make these things crazy and trashy enough. This redux of Single White Female should be much, much more over-the-top and insane. Instead it's a pretty predictable, thin story about a college girl (Leighton Meester) who becomes obsessed with her roommate (Minka Kelly, bland and boring--what does Leighton bother to see in her?) and starts acting kind of nuts about it. This is another one of those movies Becca and I were basically rewriting while we were watching it. Also, not nearly enough Aly Michalka (which could be true of any movie) and Cam Gigandet, no matter how much you mumble and squint and smirk, you will never be James Franco. Or likable. *1/2 stars.

Easily my least favorite of the animated DC Universe movies. Part of me thinks, honestly, that I was probably never going to like it as much as any of the others. The comic book All-Star Superman is one of my favorite comic book stories of all time. It's very special, something I put up there with Bone and Gon and the early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man in my pantheon of wonderful comic books. I think I went into it with an open mind, and I think they probably made the right choices as to what to cut and what to keep in (the comic book was very episodic; Jimmy Olsen loses out and I missed Krypto, but I like what they kept), but it was so solemn and lifeless that I just never warmed up to it. It's well-animated, very anime style, but even for a movie about Superman dying it's funereal. Batman would watch this and ask everyone to lighten up a little. Too much fatalism, not enough life. Let's see a few glimpses of what he and the world are losing here instead of going through the motions. Also, James Denton as Superman is as boring as James Denton in everything. **1/2 stars.

I wonder if I enjoyed this flick more than All-Star Superman because I don't give two shits about Jason Todd. I'm a little tired of the unrelenting darkness of Batman and his hypocritical crusade of breaking the law in order to protect it, but I enjoyed the action here. Not in the same league as Justice League: The New Frontier, but good. *** stars.

Ridiculous, overly serious movie with Elijah Wood grieving the death of his mother while trying to stop the crazy, psychopathic violence of his cousin Macauley Culkin. This movie is trashy in the extreme, so of course I enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone or watch it ever again, but it was so silly and insane that I had fun. Sometimes you want Taco Bell instead of food, you know? ** stars.

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Devilham said...

"Sometimes you want Taco Bell instead of food, you know"

Amen to that brother. Love to just shut off the ol' grey matter and watch some crap sometimes.