Friday, June 03, 2011

An Andrew Breitbart Story Not True? That's Unpossible!

MC posted this link in my comments section, and I just want to make sure this gets out to more people: Weiner Story Another Breitbart Scam. It's a simple but elegant destruction of Breitbart's claim against Rep. Anthony Weiner, a man that the Right has a hard-on to discredit in any way they can, no matter how clumsy, stupid, and obviously false.

Do your jobs, media.

UPDATE 6/4: James Urbaniak had a good theory, too:

My Weinergate theory as of today is that @patriotusa76 (the original RTer of the famous crotch tweet) is an intimate of an intimate of Weiner’s privy to private data and bent on revenge. He used this data to post an actual photo of Weiner’s crotch onto Weiner’s Twitter/yfrog account. I don’t necessarily think PatriotUSA76 knows the young lady to whom the tweet was ostensibly directed; I think he knows someone else who had previously privately received said crotch shot from Weiner. Which is why both Weiner and PatriotUSA76 are acting like they’re hiding something.

It does make sense.

As of now, I think my official theory is I don't give a shit. Everyone just get back to work.


chi said...

so how do you feel about Rep. Weiner saying the picture MIGHT be of him, even though he didn't post it?

Roger Owen Green said...

Chi- Here's Weiner's problem: if he says definitively that it's NOT him, and it is, he becomes a liar. How does one own such a picture? Quite probably none of anyone else's business.

The pic I saw was cropped, so that how can anyone say that it ISN'T him, or you, or me?

SamuraiFrog said...

Chi, I agree with what Roger says, but at the same time, I think that was a pretty stupid thing for Rep. Weiner to say. I don't know if he was trying to be flip or what, but a no comment would've sufficed and perhaps not left as much room for the media to go crazy with this.

I'm not really inclined, though, to buy a story pushed only by Breitbart and a guy who lived on Twitter for the sole purpose of bitching about Weiner and his wife (and who got kicked off of Twitter today).

This story, true or false, is pretty much a giant waste of time. It would be if Weiner were a Republican. But it seems pretty convenient considering how much of a progressive voice Weiner is.

chi said...

i agree with you that it's been a big waste of time, even with Weiner's admission today.

couple of things stick out though:

1) why even a relatively young and seemingly savvy man like Weiner (and not to mention whatever team he has) still doesn't understand how the internet works, that things are traceable.
2) going back to your original statements, "Do your jobs, media." why big media keeps whiffing on these things.

anyway, i enjoy your blog.