Thursday, May 05, 2011

Oh, Did You Teatards Not Get How It Worked?

Of course the GOP is going to betray you, too. That's what they do.

Daily Kos on HR 3: "[...] in order to make their punishment scheme work, they have to redefine the generally accepted public understanding of what separates 'your money' from 'the government's money.' And they do it in a way that ends up giving the government the power to literally reach into every wallet in America and federalize every dollar inside.[...]

In order to make their 'no taxpayer funding for abortion' scheme work, Republicans use H.R. 3 to disallow tax deductions for your health care expenses if your private insurance plan covers abortion. Not if you actually get an abortion. And not if a member of your family does. All it takes for you to see your taxes hiked is if the private insurance plan you selected and paid for with your own money permits coverage of abortion at all. For anyone. Even if you never get one and never plan to. If you bought a plan that agrees to cover abortion if someone else totally unrelated to you needs one, then you lose eligibility for any tax deductions for the cost of your insurance, and your tax bill shoots up. Republicans take your cash, because you agreed to buy a plan that might someday pay for someone else's abortion."

That's small government, alright.

The typical Republican definition, anyway.


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Both Republicans and Democrats like to tell you what you can and can't do. It'll be fun to watch the fallout when the teabaggers work it out for themselves.