Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weird Al and Lady Wah-Wah

Oh, this would've been an amazing single for "Weird Al" Yankovic: "I Perform This Way," his parody of Lady Gaga's pandering "Express Yourself" rip-off "Born This Way."

I think this would've been his biggest hit since "White & Nerdy," especially since (as lifelong fans such as myself are amused to take note of), it's apparently cool to like "Weird Al" again.

Unsurprisingly, though, it turns out that Lady Gaga is just as precious about herself and her tired bag of cliches as her fans are. Al tells the story behind the would-be single over at his blog, including the bizarre fact that Ziggy Stardust Lite demanded that he, at his own expense, record the entire song so she could hear it and not approve of it--something he had to cut a family vacation short in order to do because he was so excited about the song's potential as a single (the proceeds of which he planned to donate to the Human Rights Campaign).

So, not only does Gaga not have a sense of humor about herself, but she has no sense of the work people go to. This is just like how she wants to make photographers who do concert photography sign away all the rights to their work and never let them use the pictures, even in a portfolio. She has no concept of reality; apparently, she thinks people are cool to just waste their time and talent on her whims.

It's all commercialism with her, anyway. It's not a surprise to find out she wouldn't approve it, but as a "Weird Al" fan, I'm very disappointed. But he'll still be turning out music when she's become the bizarre footnote she deserves to be. I know, she's the new Madonna or whatever. But really, she's the new Jobriath, and she'll be remembered just as well as he is.

UPDATE 7:48 PM: MC links this in the comments: hours later, Lady Gaga decides it's okay for "Weird Al" to parody her. Must've been all of the negative press on the internet.

My favorite part of the linked item, though, is when Gaga responds to criticism that "Born This Way" is a wholesale ripoff (my words) of Madonna's "Express Yourself": "Why would I try to put out a song and think I'm getting one over on everybody. That's retarded."

Classy. Apparently Lady Gaga doesn't bother with her own message: the mentally handicapped were, after all, born this way, baby.

Dumb motherfucker slinging bullshit. That's all it takes these days, I guess.


Roger Owen Green said...

maybe he could get Madonna to approve it, and she could sue Gaga for copyright infringement, while she's at it.

Kal said...

Gaga has finally become a parody of herself. How long until this precious hot house orchid jumps off a bridge for her 'art'. I know what I am using my birthday wish for.

MC said...

Well played Mr. Yankovic, well played.

Is it just me, or does it seem like he knew that this is EXACTLY what would happen if he went public with Gaga's douchebaggery?

Michael said...

I like Weird Al, I play him on the show all the time to good reviews. Having said that, I am no Gaga fan. I don't get it, loathsome techno and even worse dance moves. Too skinny to be a babe to die for and her personality is nothing special. What am I missing? Top that off with breaking music records that exceed anything that Michael Jackson or the Beatles have done and I am thoroughly into WTF! mode.

Roger Owen Green said...

Her manager is now taking the fall. She claims she never heard the recording.

Devilham said...

Weird Al Forever!!!! I know it may be "cool" to like him now, but I am 40 years old, and have been a fan since the 80's hearing him on the Dr. Dimento show. Everything I like eventually becomes cool again. I have done 2 full cycles of flannel shirts,(early 80's hardcore, and mid 90's grunge) and am waiting for cycle 3!

Tudor said...

The more incidents like this I hear about, the more I'm really starting to dislike the Lady Gaga Money-Making Machine. Once she's decided her "art" has made her enough money, she can go fuck herself.