Sunday, April 03, 2011

TV Report: Wookies and Less Important Things

Chewbacca appearing on the season finale of The Clone Wars--and then working with Ahsoka Tano to survive, taking time to show us just how much she's really grown as a character (always bittersweet, because I figure she has to end up dead at some point)--was a total nerdgasm for me. And more than just having Chewie appear, the episode itself was fantastic. This has been another great season for this excellent show. And I remember a time when I didn't really care about even seeing... such a mistake. I adore it.

Other thoughts...

:: I am loving The Big Bang Theory. Ever since Leonard and Penny broke up, they've done a great job of giving Penny her own geeky circle of friends in Bernadette and Amy. It's a better match with the guys on the show than just "they're geeks and she's a hot girl." Now if they could just ditch Priya before they make her any bitchier.

:: I thought Michael's proposal to Holly on The Office was sweet and well-intentioned (and a much needed step in the maturity of the character), but it was still pretty over-the-top with the candles and the procession of proposals... does Chris Claremont write for this show now? Because the show can't have an emotional scene without throwing in five other layers that don't need to be there. I don't think the producers and writers even know what emotions are anymore; they just know they can get away with the manipulation because people adore this to Friends levels now. When Michael's gone, so am I.

:: If you missed this week's Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode where Batman and Robin teamed up with Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc, with meta-commentary by Bat-Mite (once again voiced by Paul Ruebens) you really missed something spectacular.

:: I loved the How I Met Your Mother episode where Barney finally found his father. I didn't check the fan reaction--I can't check it on this show anymore, because I think people are missing the point of it now. I think they just want more of the same forever, and aren't grasping that a major part of the show has always been that Ted is really telling the story of how he and his friends grew up. Sorry, Barney's going to have to grow up sometime. He can't always be a cartoon. The first half of this season was uneven, but this second half is paying off.

Did they just drop the Zoey storyline, though? It was so obvious that it was coming, and then they kind of justified it, but now they seem to just be ignoring it... I hate when this show does that. They did they same thing with Stella. They made it a big focus of the show that Ted win her love, and then when he did, all we ever saw of her was how wrong they were as a couple, which made her an intensely unlikable character.

:: I just love Castle so much. I know I say it every time I do one of these, but it never stops being true.

:: And before I go?

Wookies. Wookies make everything 100 times more awesome. It's science.

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