Friday, April 08, 2011

Re-Hope 2012

President Obama's re-election campaign begins with a video with... no message whatsoever.

Except for a brief admonishment that, apparently, the base is going to have to energize itself because the President is too busy to do it himself, there is no message here other than Obama is important because he's Obama.

Are you sure you didn't want to be more vague?

There's no mention at all of what Obama's accomplished, what his victories have been, what issues he thinks are important to address. Just "there's a lot of problems" and "we need someone to do something about them." No shit; that's true of every year since this whole civilization thing started. Maybe one day we'll be good at it, but not in my lifetime.

It doesn't help that the President has historically shown himself to be pretty peevish about the support he thinks he deserves. A YouGov/Economist poll shows Obama at a 74% approval rate among Democrats. Compare that to George W. Bush's 94% Republican approval in 2003, and he only won by a single state in 2004. Obama likes to about how hard he's working on "the job you elected me to do," but almost a quarter of his own party (and the majority of independents, including me) doesn't think he's really doing that job at all.

How long before he's back to "buck up"? Because that worked so well last year.

If he really wants independents to come back to the fold, he's got to stop caving in to the fear merchants like he did on the Khalid Sheikh Mohammad trial. For a man whose favorite catchphrase is "Rule of Law," he sure isn't interested in putting it into practice. Because nothing says "nation of laws" by circumventing civilian law whenever it's convenient.

It's interesting what's happening in this country right now. There's a lot of buyer's remorse on the part of a lot of people who voted for teatards like Scott Walker. That was a real miscalculation on the part of the GOP--they assumed that disenchantment with Obama meant the country was ready to pull hard to the right, when in fact the opposite is true. We want Obama to act like the Democrat he claims to be, and not the right-leaning moderate he really is. So now Scott Walker is seeing Republican districts in Wisconsin abandon him to become Democrats, and all of this anti-union talk from the Right has been another miscalculation. Now police and firefighter unions are abandoning the GOP, too. Oops!

The stupid mistakes of the GOP are handing Obama this election on a plate. You'd think it would be his to lose. The GOP is hemorrhaging supporters, and the working class are getting fed up with the right wing attack on the poor and middle classes. The events unfolding in Japan have turned everyone off to the possibility of nuclear energy, and we have a Speaker of the House who is willing to shut down all government processes (ironically for a budget debate, at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars) in order to stop women from having access to abortions. And you've seen the potential right wing candidates, and they are each and every one of them total dumbasses.

And yet, Obama's losing support, too. Probably because his big change agenda hasn't yielded much in the way of change. "Yes, We Can" has become "But, We Didn't." In January, Gallup showed that only 28% found that Obama was bringing about change. I'd love to see what the number is now, post-Libya. He's very lucky that the Republicans can't seem to put together a candidate with even the semblance of being a well-balanced human being.

Where does this support go? Are we finally going to elect Dennis Kucinich? Because that would be nice. Imagine if everyone voted in their interests instead of just voting for someone they thought could win.


Kal said...

For some reson I have this hope that he is playing the 'long game' and that once he gets re-elected, with possibly holding on to the House and the Senate, that he will really make the change he has been preaching about. Then EVERYONE will see the value in policies that protect the weakest members in society. That some socialism is necessary to make the country strong and that more regulation will keep the parasites from exploiting the nation for personal gain. I hope he is pulling a 'rope-a-dope' on the Republicans because if he isn't, not only you guys, but the whole world is well and truly fucked.

Will said...

The thing is Obama actually thinks he was elected to to make nice with the republicans, to change "the tone".

He gives in too much and expects a cookie from the people who voted from him for that.

I knew from experience Obama was going to be a disappointment to me as a liberal.

But some people were expecting Samuel L Jackson and they got Bryant Gumble

jaundicedi said...

I live in California. The real Liberals are always out of the race before I get a chance to vote.